Monday, July 2, 2012

What happened?

I really have no clue what happened to this week! It went by so fast and I don't feel like we got much accomplished :( But, we've been working hard. We have a couple things happen to us this week that threw us off so that wasn't fun. I guess I'll get started telling you all what happened.

Tuesday the 26th, that was a very weird day! It went by so fast that by the time we got home that night, Sister Davidson and I didn't even remember what we did all day. And that was hard. We're trying so hard to be good missionaries but when you have days where you go home and feel like you got nothing accomplished, it's a total bummer of a day! The only thing that I remember that happened that day was when the 1st counselor from the mission presidency, President Gutierrez, met Sister Davidson and I at Rose's sons house to dedicate it. There have been weird things that have happened in the last 10 years or so there that Rose really wanted to have it dedicated. So while Rose and Sevrin were out getting dinner, President Gutierrez dedicated the house. It was really cool to be a part of a house dedication because I've never been apart of one before. And it was something that Rose really wanted so I know that it helped her.

Then on Wednesday the 27th (my 3 month mark!!!), Rose called us and said that Sevrin was put in the hospital. That was hard for her. He's sick and so while they were out on Wednesday, he saw a cop and decided to get out and talk to him. But the situation wasn't good so they took him to the hospital for three days. During that time, the cops gave Rose all of Sevrin's cigarettes and she started to smoke :( She was doing so well! She stopped smoking on Sunday after our meeting with President Gutierrez and she said that she would have been fine if the cops hadn't given them to her. We were totally bummed! And because of that, she's been smoking ever since :( So we had to move her baptism back until next Sunday. And we know that this week is going to be even harder for her. We know that all of this was just Satans way of getting her off track and it was sad. But we're not giving up on her! We are going to meet with her every day this week, again, and help her to be ready for baptism by this next Sunday!

Then on Thursday the 28th, we met with Rose at the hospital where Sevrin was staying and we then went to a park close by and talked for about an hour. We just want the best for her. She is an incredible lady and everyone we meet tells her that they can see a light in her eyes. And it's true! She know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. She has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She is ready for this next step in her life and it's hard to see all these set backs that keep coming her way. But I know that with a lot of prayer and fasting, and faith, everything will work out the way that it's supposed to!

Then on Friday the 29th, we drove all the way out to Glendale because I needed to go to the dr. I knew that right after I called the dr office, everything that I thought was wrong would go away and guess what, it did! It always happens that way! UGH! haha It's a good thing but kind of annoying also. But we went in anyway just to make sure and yeah. Nothing to be worried about. But it's better that I was safe rather then sorry, right? haha And then on the way back to Chino Hills, we stopped in Arcadia at the mission office to get a couple supplies for things for the Youth in our ward because we are doing a summer Book of Mormon challenge with them! Also, Sister Davidson has been feeling lately that I should be the designated driver so while we were at the office, we asked if I could drive. I'm approved to drive so now I'm driving! I'm so excited! It's such a small thing to be excited about but anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE to drive! haha So I'm a little happy :)

Then that night, Sister Davidson and I met with Rose again but this time we had Elder Martinez and Elder Williamson come and teach her. And the lesson they taught was AMAZING! It was something that she needed to hear. They read a couple verses from the Bible about when Jesus was walking on water and Peter called out to him and then Peter walked on water. And when Peter's faith was shaken and he fell, Christ helped him up. And they applied that to Rose. Whenever she falls, Jesus Christ is there to pick her up, no matter how many times, He is always there! And that was what Rose needed but at the same time, it was a great reminder for myself! I never have to be scared because my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will always be there to help me up whenever I fall. He is there for each one of us! We never have to be scared.

Then on Saturday the 30th, we had a big miracle happen! There's a family in our ward who's son, Sean, is less active and has been for a few years now. Well, we went to their house to practice a song that we are singing for the Relief Society Enrichment night next week and when we got there, Sean wasn't there. But we knew that he was supposed to be there on Saturday so we practiced and then stayed a little longer hoping that he would show up. Well, just as I was about to say something, the door opened and in walked Sean! We had been looking at the Josh Groban piano book earlier and his mom told us that he can sing When You Say You Love Me amazingly so we wanted to hear him! And it was very good! I got chills and almost cried! Well, we talked for a while longer and then Sister Davidson and I needed to leave but we wanted to leave their family with a spiritual thought. Well, Sean started to walk upstairs and Sister Davidson said, "You'll want to stay for this. We're going to sing." So he came back down. We ended up singing Lord, I Would Follow Thee, and then at the end we bore our testimonies about that song. The whole time the spirit was SO strong! It was incredible! I was feeling bad that we might have stayed longer than we should have but after Sean gothome and we gave our spiritual thought, I didn't feel so bad anymore. It was really amazing! I just love when the spirit is as strong as it was on Saturday!

Then that night we went to the college, Cal Poly Pomona and helped do inventory at the Farm Store they have. The lady that owns it is LDS and so she asked a bunch of people from our stake to come and help and she also asked all of the missionaries. And it was a ton of fun! haha Not only did I get to listen to some good country music ;) but we were doing service and it was fun! I have really come to love doing service for people. I never really appreciated doing service as much in the past as I have since being on my mission. I really enjoy it!

Then on Sunday the 1st, Rose had her baptismal interview with President Gutierrez. She wanted us to come in with her, and missionaries don't usually do that, so I felt a little weird. It wasn't a bad thing but I just knew that doesn't normally happen so I felt weird. It was a good interview and she's ready for baptism but this week we are really working with her on her smoking. It's hard for her but I know that she can do it, if she really wants to. And if she really has that desire and tries her best, Heavenly Father will bless her!

Then last night, we went to a members home who is less active and spent a couple hours with him and his daughter. He was telling us about how he joined the church and all these things about his college years. He went to BYU but wasn't a member until his junior year. It was funny because he was telling us about how he went to his Bishop one day after church (who just happens to be LaVell Edwards!!!) and told him how he wanted to be baptized. LaVell looked at him and was like, "I thought you were a member?!?!" We couldn't stop laughing! It was just a lot of fun to hear all these amazing stories! He also told us that he worked for BYU TV and he did the voice over thingy for when they dedicated the Provo Temple! I thought that was pretty cool!

Oh, on last thing! We went to the Zdunich's for dinner last night and that was so much fun! We just love the Zdunich's! (They are moving back to Utah this week so I'm excited because I'll get to go visit them when I get home haha) Anyway, Sister Davidson and I were about to give our spiritual thought before we left and we were going to sing Where Can I Turn for Peace and I started singing when all of a sudden I see Sister Davidson flipping through her song book to find it! She thought we were singing a different song and I just couldn't stop laughing!!! It was so funny! Needless to say, I ended up not being able to sing for our thought. I was laughing so much!

Anyway, that's about all for this week,not a whole ton. But it's good! I'm excited for this week because while we were with President Gutierrez, he told us that we have to focus on working with members instead of going and walking and contacting. He said that that came straight from the top aka President Becerra. So I'm looking forward to working with members for the rest of the time that I'm in this area!

Well, before I end, thank you to Emily Sabins for your letter this week! And a happy birthday to..... Jolene Lougee on the 4th, Aaron Wheatley today!!, Colby Adair on the 4th, Kristofer Wheatley on the 6th, TaLisha Wheatley on the 7th, and Terin Tharp on the 7th. I hope you all have a wonderful birthday! And hopefully I didn't miss anyone else!

Love you all!

Love, Sister Wheatley

PS - we went on a hike this morning and it was so much fun! haha And on our way back to our cars, we went past a blue house and one of the Elders told me that it used to be Snoop Doggs house! haha So I had to take a picture of it! I also found out that he lives close to where I'm staying! How cool is that? LOL Anyway, I thought it was cool :)

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