Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No pictures :(

Sorry I didn't get this email out to you earlier. Mom, you're probably checking your email every five minutes making sure you didn't miss it ;) NOTE TO BLOG READERS FROM MOM: Yes, she was right.  I was checking CONSTANTLY ;)  We actually went to China Town this afternoon so that's why this email is so late. And mom is going to kill me LOL but I forgot my card reader so I'm not going to be attatching any photos this week :( SECOND NOTE TO BLOG READERS:  She is DOUBLE right -- I told her that I needed to see pictures of her every week to make my heart sing.  My heart isn't singing right now, but next week, it sounds like my heart will sing DOUBLE!  I'm sorry! But that just means that you get more next week!

Ok, so on Tuesday the 10th, not a whole ton happened, but we did have a lesson with an Egyptian family! We met Caroline while walking around in an apartment complex. I started to just walk right past her (yes, I know we're not supposed to do that) but Sister Davidson stopped and started talking to her. Caroline was super nice and at one point she said, "Do you want to come in and have some coffee and you can talk to my dad?" Umm...sorry, we don't drink coffee but we'll come in and talk to your dad! So we went in and he started talking about some new website that talks about something to do with the last days and so we just listened and then taught them a little about what we as Latter-day Saints believe about the Second Coming and the last days. It was a little hard because they speak Arabic but they were receptive. Then we told them they could look on LDS.org and learn a little more. We also asked them if we could bring them an Arabic Book of Mormon and they said yes. Unfortunetly we haven't been able to get one yet so hopefully this week we will. So that was pretty cool!

Then on Wednesday the 11th, we had a Relief Society Enrichment activity that Sister Davidson and I participated in. We sang "A Dream Is A Wish" from Cinderella with Sister Gordon, Sister Moran, and her daughter Ariela. So that was a lot of fun to be apart of! It was a "Mad hatters" theme activity so each person could wear a hat! It was just a lot of fun and we even got to talk to a friend of Sister Gordon's who came with her daughter who are not members of the church, so that was cool that they came! It was a very fun and relaxing evening!

On Thursday the 12th, we had District Meeting which was so good! Elder Martinez invited the bishop from the ward he's serving in, Rolling Ridge ward, to come and teach our meeting! Bishop Tamuvasa was incredible! The Spirit was so strong throughout the whole meeting! But there was one point where we did a role play and Sister Davidson and I were teaching Bishop and he said something that just made me cry! I had been having a rough couple of days and what he said was somewhat related to why I was having a rough time. So it was hard for me to get through the role play. But in the end, it turned out well. And after DM we had a district lunch at the church where we made Hawaiian Haystacks! It was so good! The Elders who were supposed to bring the rice ended up not being able to come because they had a lesson but luckily mom's package came the day before (THANK YOU for it BTW) and so I was able to bring "Rachel's Rice" and use that instead. It was a little crazy because I also forgot a sauce pan but the Elders ran home and picked one up for us. Then while I was waiting for the rice to be done, Elder Martinez came in and asked if everything was ok. I told him what was on my mind and he told me that as Elders, they are always there for me and whenever I need a blessing, they would love to give me one. It's so nice to know that I can count on the Elders! I feel so lucky to have so much priesthood power around me at all times! Well, I told him it would be ok and that I wouldn't need one. Well, after lunch, Sister Davidson and I started to do our weekly planning but I couldn't focus! So we went to the room where the Elders were and I asked for a blessing. I asked Elder Williamson to give it to me and his blessing was so amazing! It was short, sweet and to the point. Elder Martinez asked before the blessing what one word is that I wanted to hear in the blessing, so instead of one word I just said, "I just want confirmation that everything is going to be ok." And during the blessing, Elder Williamson said, "It will all be alright." And that meant so much to me! And at that second, I knew those words were given to him by the Holy Ghost and that yes, everything would be alright.

Then that night we went over to Cherryl Thompson's house to learn some new workout routines. As we were leaving, we left a spiritual message with her and then she said, "One day I'll tell you girls why you have made such a difference in my life." I started to cry. She is such an amazing lady! We have grown so close since we met her about two months or so ago. She is someone who has made such a difference in my life! And you know, hearing her say that, made all my efforts as a missionary so far worth it!

Then on Friday the 13th, we had a mission conference! It was so incredible!!! We went out to breakfast at Denny's in the morning and got to the stake center with five minutes to spare! Opps... But it was so amazing! There was a recent convert there who spoke to us and his testimony was so amazing! He has this incredible spirit about him! And not to mention, he was hilarious! We couldn't stop laughing! But that thing that stood out to me from all the speakers was when Sister Becerra said, "It will be ok. It will be alright." I started to cry. It was so amazing that she said the same words that Elder Williamson said just the day before in my blessing! And that was the biggest confirmation that I needed. No matter what happens, it will be alright! I'm at peace with what was troubling me because I got that confirmation through the Holy Ghost.

Then we had a "Super Pday" after the conference. We just played games the rest of the afternoon and it was just fun! We played a game where you have to get the hula hoop around the circle and you have to hold hands. I was laughing because some of the missionaries were like "What? We can't hold hands with the Sisters!" And then President Becerra got on the mega phone and said, "I understand that this is going to involve holding hands with the Sisters, DON'T WORRY! We are right here, nothing is going to happen with us being in the same room." And then everyone started to laugh! After that game, we went outside and had a ton of water games to play! It was just a fun relaxing day that we all needed! Towards the end, everyone was trying to get everyone who wasn't soaked, soaked. Well, I was not wet at all and so a couple times a few Elders tried to get me. At one point, Elder Erekson came up with this big balloon full of water but I ran away. Then I saw him and Elder Martinez coming after me holding the balloon so I started to run, only to see that Sister Davidson was running from the other side with the actual balloon. Sister Davidson threw the balloon at me but it totally missed and popped on the ground! I couldn't stop laughing! Their plan had totally failed! It was hilarious! But another Elder, Elder Alisa ended up getting me wet, but only on one side. It was just a fun day! I'm so lucky to have such a fun mission president who was inspired to give us a day where we didn't have to think about anything but having fun! He said in the morning that "God wants you to have fun, enjoy yourself and get wet" (or something to that effect) and it was just so fun! I can't say how much fun it was! haha

Then that night, we went on exchanges! The fun part about this exchange is that Sister Davidson spent 24 hours with her MTC companion, Sister Mello, and I spent 24 hours with my MTC companion, Sister Lehman! It was just tons of fun! And that night, Sister Lehman and I had a lesson with a guy named Christian, who is friends with a members daughter in our ward. So we went and had an amazing, spirit filled lesson with him. He had a couple questions, mainly ones that we were able to answer with the Plan of Salvation, and it was just amazing! The spirit was there very strongly!

Then on Saturday the 14th, Sister Lehman and I had a very successful day! We were able to visit a couple less active members and teach a couple member lessons which were all amazing! It was just a very good day and it gives me hope for this coming week! It was just so good! I loved spending the day with Sister Lehman again, it was like old times haha :) But at the same time, it's good to be back with Sister Davidson and work with her. We get along so well and we work well together so that's nice!

Well, we ran out this morning so I forgot to look at birthdays again this week (sorry) but I did see that this week is Brieann McDonald's birthday on the 18th and also Durrell's birthday on Friday! So happy birthday to you both and anyone else!

Congratulations to Bubba on his mission call! You are going to be an AMAZING missionary! You will have such a good time! A mission is so much fun. And like everyone says, it's the hardest thing you will ever do but it's also the best thing you will ever do. I've only been out for four months and I can already attest to that! I'm so proud of you Bubba!

Well, I better run to write to President Becerra! Love you all so much!

Again, sorry about no pictures this week. Please forgive me :)

Love always,

Sister Rachel Anna Wheatley

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