Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

Well, here's to another week of emailing! It blows my mind, seriously, how fast the weeks go! Every week that I email I think "Wow, another week gone. My mission is going to be done before I know it." It's really crazy! This week was very incredible! It was very hard especially on the 4th of July but at the same time, it was very rewarding!

To start off, last Monday the 2nd, for Pday, our district went on a hike. I think I sent home those pictures of us last week. It was so much fun! We got up at 4:45am to make it to the church by 5:30. It was funny because our District Leader was so adamant about being to the church at 5:30 so we all got there and he was nowhere to be found. And 30 minutes later he finally showed up. He and his companion slept through their alarm. It was pretty funny! Anyway, we got to the place to hike and it ended up just being a small trial but to make it a hike, they took us up a side of one of the hills where there wasn't a trail. I almost fell a couple times which was kinda scary but it was so much fun! Then we all went out to breakfast, Sister Davidson and I washed the Elders cars because they started to do "pranks" and so to get back to them, we are doing pranks of kindness LOL So that's why we washed their cars. Then we emailed and shopped and then we all got back together for lunch and activities. And to be honest, it was the best Pday we've ever had! The only sad thing is that the Zone Leaders who are in our district, went somewhere else for another Elder's birthday so they weren't with us. But oh well. And during our activity time, our District Leader wasn't in a very good mood and I saw that he had playing cards and I love to play speed so I challenged him to a game. It was so funny to see how his attitude changed right away. We played probably eight games in total the rest of the day and I won five of them, Speed Queen right here!!! haha We all just had a super good day! And to end it off, we went to Joghurt for Frozen Yogurt! So delicious! Then that night, Elders Martinez and Williamson surprised Sister Davidson and I with posters saying thank you for washing their car! It was way nice of them!

 Then on Tuesday the 3rd, Sister Davidson had Zone Council with Sister Fili so I picked up Sister Fili's companion, Sister Carrell, who has only been out for three weeks, and we went back to my area and spent the day there. It was funny to spend the day with her because she reminded me SOO much of Sarah Alder. Like, the way they dress, she's tiny like Sarah, everything. It was kinda creepy actually! haha And so yeah, we went and visited a couple members in the ward and then headed back to her house to pick up Sister Davidson. Oh! On our way back to my house, I accidently took the wrong exit and nothing was looking familiar to me and then I realized that we were out of our mission! We had crossed the line into the Anaheim mission! I started to laugh a little. But luckily we didn't get too far before I realized it!

On Wednesday the 4th, that was a hard day for us. We really didn't know what to do because it was the 4th of July and we didn't want to bother people on a holiday. So we were really struggling. But that morning I just had this strong feeling that we needed to bring our service clothes because we needed to help someone. So we got to our area and were driving around and nothing felt right. Well, I had my eye on a lady in the ward, who has been in active for many years, and I thought that on the list it said she was in her 60s. Well, I thought that maybe we should go to her house and visit her because I wasn't sure if she would have any family over for the holiday. So we drove up  there and as we got there, I just wasn't sure about it anymore. I wasn't sure if it was just me that didn't want to go anymore or if it was really the spirit telling me no. Well, I say this lady and the next house over that was pulling weeds so Sister Davidson and I got out to ask her if she needed help, she said no. So since we were already out of the car, I just said, what the heck, might as well go to Anh's house now. So when we got there and knocked on the door, Anh answered and said, "Are you mormons?" Yes, we are. "Hold on, let me get my daughter." We were kind confussed. Well, her daughter, Sabrina, came to the door... "Are you mormons?" Yes.... Well, it turns out that Sabrina's best friend lives in Anaheim Hills and she's mormon, Sabrina's mom is also mormon even though she doesn't go to church, and Sabrina has been wondering what church to join, the Catholic church or the Mormon church, and she even downloaded the Book of Mormon on her phone and has been reading it! Then she told us that just the night before, she prayed and asked God what church she should join! And then the next day we show up on her doorstep!! What a miracle! Sadly she is going to be out of town until this Thursday so we haven't been able to meet with her yet but we're excited because we can tell that she really wants to learn more about the church! Sister Davidson and I have really wanted an experience like that but never thought it would happen. I just think that it's really cool! And I think that Heavenly Father is pretty amazing! If I hadn't had the feeling to bring our service clothes, if I hadn't seen Anh's name on  the ward list a couple months ago, we never would have found Sabrina! It's just incredible how the smallest, most weird details add up to something amazing!

Then that night, I wasn't feeling well after dinner, so we went to the church until I felt better. While we were there, the Elders came by and asked if we wanted to go with them to an investigators home to watch fireworks. They can't do fireworks in Chino Hills because of all the hills but part of the Elders area is in Chino so they can do fireworks. I was feeling a little better by this time and when they said fireworks, I cheered right up! I was missing the fireworks back home from the Stadium of Fire so I was so happy to see some fireworks that night! I LOVE fireworks! They make me so happy! I don't like to set them off but if I can see them, I'll be a happy girl :) So that was a nice way to end the 4th of July! And I hope that anyone who went to the SoF had extra fun for me LOL ;)

Then on Thursday the 5th we had District Meeting and lunch! We had a great DM and then for lunch Elder Martinez made us all Tuna Helper! he told someone in his ward that he would make it so we as a district got the benefits of it! It was so good! And during this time, we had another speed showdown! We only did two games this time though and I won once and Elder Martinez won once. I have to step up my game! I can't let anyone beat me! LOL And then we all played hang man on the chalk board. We had a super good time!

After that Sister Davidson and I went and talked to the Relief Society president about a list of Sisters that she gave us to go see. It's been nice because we've been able to see them and talk to most of them and things like that. So that was good because Sister Peterson hasn't been able to get to most of these ladies because she's always so busy. And we don't mind meeting these Sisters and helping to bring them back unto Christ. We don't know what kind of a difference we'll make in their lives but just being their friends and sharing spiritual messages with them is good and we know that somehow we are making a difference.

Then on Friday the 6th, that was an interesting day. I won't go into too much detail about it but after Sister Davidson and I had dinner, the Elders called and said that they were all going to dinner and wanted us to come. Well, we were a little hesitant because we had just gotten out of dinner but at the same time, we didn't feel bad about it. Also, Sister Davidson wasn't feeling too well so she thought maybe the Elders could give her a blessing after they were done eating. So we met them at Red Robin and had a good time! We headed back to the church after dinner so that Sister Davidson could get a blessing and there we met the Zone Leaders. They needed to talk to us about of progress records. Well, during this time, there were many things that happened that ended up in a district improptu meeting. Nothing bad happened but it was interesting how the things that did happen, led to this. And so we spent the rest of the night talking as a district. It was really cool because we each had time to speak and say things and it really helped us to grow even closer as a district family. We each feel like this is the best district any of us have ever had! And for me, since this is really my first district, I feel so lucky to be a part of it. Sister Davidson told me later that night that I really am lucky to have such a good district and that no other district will ever be like this one. And I believe her! I have really come to love these Elders and Sister Davidson as really good friends! The things that happened that night are really personal but they have made such a difference in my mission already! I have learned so much from each of the Elders and Sister Davidson during these last 15 weeks. It's been incredible! And it made me happy when one of the Elders said that Sister Davidson and I are the "seriously the best sisters in the mission." I know that's something small but at the same time, everything that happened on Friday night, just made for a great meeting and a renewal of our district! We are even closer now and it's been so fun!

Then on Saturday the 7th, the Elders called us and said that Brother Holland, the stake mission leader, had free tickets to have breakfast at Applebees for us. So Sister Davidson and I hurried and finished getting ready, went to pick the tickets up at Brother  Holland's house (he lives in our ward), and then went to Applebees. It was a fundraiser for someone in our stake running for some city thing so that was fun! And it was a free breakfast! haha Then we went to do service with the Elders at a members home in the Rolling Rigde ward. These people were moving into a home where the previous renters didn't take good care of the house so they had to remodel the whole place. It was fun because we got to do a few different things to help them but the funnest part was painting! I was so excited! I've never painted before so it made me happy :) We just painted the wood outside around the roof. And during that time we had a little too much fun with the paint brushes and rollers and we got paint on our clothes and stuff. But it was fun! I'm telling you, I have the best district! We know how to have fun together but we also know when to be serious :)

Then that night Sister Davidson and I had to speak at a stake baptism at last minute. So I spoke the Holy Ghost and Sister Davidson spoke on Baptism. It was so cute to see the three 8 year olds all happy and excited to be baptized! They were all so cute!

Then, yesterday the 8th, was a very special day for Sister Davidson and I! (No, it wasn't a baptism. :( We had to postpone that for another week...) But what was exciting was when we were sitting down in church and the door opens and in walks our dear friend Cherryl!!! We have been meeting with her since she moved into the ward two months ago. She hasn't been to church for a long time because of some things that have happened in the last few years but we have been going to visit with her every week and getting to know her and hopefully get her to come back to church. Well, we haven't been able to see Cherryl in about two weeks because she's been so busy with work and school. But yesterday she was up at 3am and when 10am rolled around, she needed a break so she decided that she would come to church! You have no idea how happy we were to see her! We started to cry! Cherryl has such a testimony but has been struggling for a while. And it was so cool to know that she let all those things be put aside and that she had courage to come to church! I couldn't be happier! We just love Cherryl! We have such a special bond with her. She is an incredible lady! So we were just over the top with happiness that she came to church yesterday!

Well, that's about all for now. It was a very good week! It was hard at times but very happy in the end! I hope that everyone is doing well back home! I love hearing about things that are going on! Like Daniels mission call that SHOULD be coming this week! I can't wait to hear where you're going Bubba! I'll put in my guess now.... Chile! ;) No, I think you will go to New Zealand! I could totally see you going there! I expect to see an email from you next week Bubba!

Last week I failed to wish Sister Mariah Wheatley, AriAnn Lamb and Tessa Schouten happy birthdays! So I hope that you all had great birthdays yesterday! I forgot to look today to see if there are birthdays this next week so if there are, happy birthday to all of you!

Love you all so much!

Love always, Sister Wheatley


  1. I miss my Rachel! I love being able to read her letters and see pictures of her, it makes me so happy!

  2. Me too! Monday is my favorite day of the week because I get letters from her. It has been four plus months now and it is going very quickly and yet, is taking forever! I miss my Rachel too! I enjoy reading your blog, Sarah, and watching your adventures in the midwest. Did you know I grew up in Chicagoland area? I miss you too -- when do you come back? I want to see you. Keep enjoying these precious moments with your husband. What an opportunity you have to travel a bit this summer. Love you! Momma Wheatley