Monday, July 30, 2012


Hola familia and friends!

Transfer calls happened on Saturday night. It was so nerve wracking!!! Not the funnest thing to wait on. BUT, I am staying in Chino Hills in the Carbon Canyon ward! I am so excited!!! And not only am I staying here, but Sister Davidson is as well!!! By the end of this transfer in September, we will be together for almost six months!! I guess that's not very normal! But apparently Heavenly Father has a plan for us here and people for us to help bring unto Christ so we are very happy!! It was a bittersweet call though because we were all together as a district on Saturday night when President Becerra called the Zone Leaders so we knew what was happening before the Assistants called. And our District Leader, Elder Martinez was transfered, Elder Durfey was transfered and Elder Leausa is going home tomorrow. So we knew that our district was changing and we were all very sad. During these last 12 weeks, we have been through a lot and have really grown together as a family. We didn't want to have the change but we know that Heavenly Father needs each of us in different places and we're willing to go! I'm just glad I get at least six more weeks here! I have grown to love the ward and area! I tell people that if I don't stay in Utah when I get married, I'm coming back to Chino Hills! haha It is a beautiful city!

Well, here I go on what happened this week. On Monday the 23rd we had Zone Conference! It was amazing!! There was so much said that I needed to hear. Everyone left the conference saying, "Everything they said I needed." So I know that it was a totally inspired conference! And not to mention, the food was good too! The Chino stake (which the Carbon Canyon ward is apart of) made us lunch! There were a lot of salads, ham, and delicious desserts! :) While we were having lunch, Sister Williams in the ward came up to me and asked who President Becerra was. So I pointed him out and she wanted to go talk to him and she told me to come with her. So we walked over to him and I introduced them and then Sister Williams went off about how much she loves Sister Davidson and I and all the good work we are doing. I was trying to not go red or anything. Then she kept talking to him and she walked away and so President turned to me and said, "I hear you Sister Wheatley!" or something funny to that affect and I turned around, laughed, and threw my hands up in the air (like I do when I say "Just sayin'") LOL It was funny! And obviously he did hear Sister Williams since we are both still here! haha

Then that night we met up with Rose and had a celebration! She has been sober for one year now so we went out and had drinks.... At Jamba Juice of course! haha It was fun to go out with her. She's come a long way in the last three months that we've been meeting with her. And she's so happy that she's been able to stay sober for a year!

Then on Tuesday the 24th for Pday we went bowling!! I don't love bowling but it was our last Pday as a district so of course I wasn't going to say no. I didn't do half bad in my game. I beat Sister Davidson LOL Oh, and I beat Elder McKee by one point, so that was exciting for me! :) We just had fun! I had to laugh though because they were trying to teach me how to bowl correctly but it didn't happen very well. I still failed a little. They just threw their hands in the air everytime I turned around and didn't bowl the way they had just showed me. But that's ok! We had fun! Then we went back to the church and played Wilson ball. Someone in the mission came up with that name for a one ball Dodgeball game. It's actually really fun! We've played it a couple times and it gets kind of intense with the Elders! Then for dinner that night we went to the Cruz home. Sister Cruz is less active and we met her a couple weeks ago and she told Sister Campbell that she wanted us back for dinner one night and to teach her children more about the church. She doesn't want them to get baptized but she wants them to have more information because the world is getting crazy, she wants them to really know what the church is all about. So we went over and had a great time there! We had Spagetti and Meatballs which was delicious! Then we had a lesson on Repentance and Forgiveness. We showed a Mormon Messages video on Forgiveness. It's about a man from Utah who lost his wife and a couple kids a few years ago. It was so good! And a tear jerker. So that went really well and she loves us and wants us to come back! She is a wonderful lady and hopefully we can help her to come back to church through us just being there, teaching her children, and being their friends! I know that Heavenly Father has put us in her path for a reason! Also that day, the ward began the 40-day fast for missionary work/opportunities! One or more families will each take a day during these 40 days and fast for us and missionary work. I know that this was inspired! We have already seen miracles and it has just started! It's amazing!

On Wednesday the 25th, we did service at City Hall and we were telling Kelly, the lady in charge, that transfer calls were going to be on Saturday. Her mouth dropped open and she said, "You can't keep doing this to me! We love you both! I can't take this! You both have to stay!" It was just so funny! She was really worried and she said she was going to be thinking about it all weekend. So I'm sure she, and a couple other workers there, will be happy when we both walk in on Wednesday! I'm sure they will breathe a sigh of relief! We also had lunch that afternoon with Sister Lancaster who works at City Hall so I will forward the picture of us that she sent me because I, once again, forgot my card reader for my camera! I know, I wasn't happy when I realized it LOL

Then on Thursday the 26th we had our last district meeting. We weren't going to have one because of Zone Conference but the ZL's texted us that morning and said that because it was Elder Leausa's last one, he wanted to have one. So we met at the church and had an improptu meeting. And it was good! Elder Martinez (our District Leader) had been studying something that morning and he thought it was perfect to use on the spot! The spirit was so strong! I just love the spirit! :) Then we had a little testimony meeting after and yeah. That was good! I cried a little... Then the Elders asked Sister Davidson and I do sing the closing song but I had just been laughing at something Elder Bucholz and Elder McKee said so I told them I didn't want to sing. But they kept asking so we did. I knew it wouldn't go well since I was laughing, but we sang anyway. And sure enough, I messed us up! I was so mad! haha I would have done fine but half way through the song, Elder Leausa turned on the microphone and just that small little detail made me start laughing again! Ugh! Oh well, it was still a good meeting! Then of course we went out to lunch and had a good time there. It is Elder McKee's birthday today so while we were at lunch we asked the waitress to bring him an ice cream thing for his birthday. So we had a couple things to celebrate that afternoon. We just had a really good time! I love my district!

Then Friday the 27th we didn't do much! We cleaned the house super well because we haven't had time to deep clean in a couple weeks but with transfers we figured we should probably clean. Then we did our weekly planning. Oh the joys of weekly planning! haha Such a long process sometimes!

Then Saturday the 28th, Brother and Sister Gute from our ward invited our Zone over for lunch! There were 14 of us. It was so fun! They made a delicious enchilada casserole and had salad and a seven layer dip and watermelon! Just so delicious! And it was fun to spend time as a Zone! And after that we went over to the Elders house to help them clean. They've been living in Vi Poh's house for two months longer than they were going to and this time her son said that they really needed to be out by the 1st. So a bunch of us went to help them clean. Oh my goodness! It was a mess! You can tell that a bunch of teenaged boys have been living in that house for the last nine years! It was a mess! I guess it wasn't as bad as it could have been but it was still bad! So we spent all afternoon and evening cleaning! And that was actually fun... I didn't think I would like cleaning that much haha But we all had fun with it! And that's where we stayed when the ZL's talked to President for transfers. So it was a good last time together as a district!

Then Sunday the 29th, we had cute Sabrina come to church! It was really cool because there was a point when the speaker said something about the primary song, I Am A Child Of God, so I opened the song book to it and she read the words. Then he said something about "imagine if the Savior was here right now, what would he tell you?" And I heard her take a deep breath and I looked over and she was getting teary eyed. It was so cool because at that second I knew she had felt the spirit so strongly! She is incredible! We just love her! It was funny because she texted us on Saturday night wondering about transfers. She said that she was scared and nervous because she didn't want either of us to leave! She is just so cute! We love that girl! We've only known her for a couple weeks but we feel so close to her! I'm so thankful to Heavenly Father for putting us in her path in life! She loves meeting with us. She loves coming to church! And she loves learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ! She's going to Utah this week to visit friends and she's so happy because she gets to go to Temple Square! I just know that she will love it there! And the Sister missionaries there will be great to teach her a little more!

Well, that's about all that I have for this week. Time to email President Becerra and then go to play some soccer! It's very hot but it should be fun! Again, sorry that I forgot my card reader again. But hopefully the one picture I'm going to forward will hold you over til next week LOL

Love you all!
Sister Wheatley

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