Monday, July 30, 2012


Hola familia and friends!

Transfer calls happened on Saturday night. It was so nerve wracking!!! Not the funnest thing to wait on. BUT, I am staying in Chino Hills in the Carbon Canyon ward! I am so excited!!! And not only am I staying here, but Sister Davidson is as well!!! By the end of this transfer in September, we will be together for almost six months!! I guess that's not very normal! But apparently Heavenly Father has a plan for us here and people for us to help bring unto Christ so we are very happy!! It was a bittersweet call though because we were all together as a district on Saturday night when President Becerra called the Zone Leaders so we knew what was happening before the Assistants called. And our District Leader, Elder Martinez was transfered, Elder Durfey was transfered and Elder Leausa is going home tomorrow. So we knew that our district was changing and we were all very sad. During these last 12 weeks, we have been through a lot and have really grown together as a family. We didn't want to have the change but we know that Heavenly Father needs each of us in different places and we're willing to go! I'm just glad I get at least six more weeks here! I have grown to love the ward and area! I tell people that if I don't stay in Utah when I get married, I'm coming back to Chino Hills! haha It is a beautiful city!

Well, here I go on what happened this week. On Monday the 23rd we had Zone Conference! It was amazing!! There was so much said that I needed to hear. Everyone left the conference saying, "Everything they said I needed." So I know that it was a totally inspired conference! And not to mention, the food was good too! The Chino stake (which the Carbon Canyon ward is apart of) made us lunch! There were a lot of salads, ham, and delicious desserts! :) While we were having lunch, Sister Williams in the ward came up to me and asked who President Becerra was. So I pointed him out and she wanted to go talk to him and she told me to come with her. So we walked over to him and I introduced them and then Sister Williams went off about how much she loves Sister Davidson and I and all the good work we are doing. I was trying to not go red or anything. Then she kept talking to him and she walked away and so President turned to me and said, "I hear you Sister Wheatley!" or something funny to that affect and I turned around, laughed, and threw my hands up in the air (like I do when I say "Just sayin'") LOL It was funny! And obviously he did hear Sister Williams since we are both still here! haha

Then that night we met up with Rose and had a celebration! She has been sober for one year now so we went out and had drinks.... At Jamba Juice of course! haha It was fun to go out with her. She's come a long way in the last three months that we've been meeting with her. And she's so happy that she's been able to stay sober for a year!

Then on Tuesday the 24th for Pday we went bowling!! I don't love bowling but it was our last Pday as a district so of course I wasn't going to say no. I didn't do half bad in my game. I beat Sister Davidson LOL Oh, and I beat Elder McKee by one point, so that was exciting for me! :) We just had fun! I had to laugh though because they were trying to teach me how to bowl correctly but it didn't happen very well. I still failed a little. They just threw their hands in the air everytime I turned around and didn't bowl the way they had just showed me. But that's ok! We had fun! Then we went back to the church and played Wilson ball. Someone in the mission came up with that name for a one ball Dodgeball game. It's actually really fun! We've played it a couple times and it gets kind of intense with the Elders! Then for dinner that night we went to the Cruz home. Sister Cruz is less active and we met her a couple weeks ago and she told Sister Campbell that she wanted us back for dinner one night and to teach her children more about the church. She doesn't want them to get baptized but she wants them to have more information because the world is getting crazy, she wants them to really know what the church is all about. So we went over and had a great time there! We had Spagetti and Meatballs which was delicious! Then we had a lesson on Repentance and Forgiveness. We showed a Mormon Messages video on Forgiveness. It's about a man from Utah who lost his wife and a couple kids a few years ago. It was so good! And a tear jerker. So that went really well and she loves us and wants us to come back! She is a wonderful lady and hopefully we can help her to come back to church through us just being there, teaching her children, and being their friends! I know that Heavenly Father has put us in her path for a reason! Also that day, the ward began the 40-day fast for missionary work/opportunities! One or more families will each take a day during these 40 days and fast for us and missionary work. I know that this was inspired! We have already seen miracles and it has just started! It's amazing!

On Wednesday the 25th, we did service at City Hall and we were telling Kelly, the lady in charge, that transfer calls were going to be on Saturday. Her mouth dropped open and she said, "You can't keep doing this to me! We love you both! I can't take this! You both have to stay!" It was just so funny! She was really worried and she said she was going to be thinking about it all weekend. So I'm sure she, and a couple other workers there, will be happy when we both walk in on Wednesday! I'm sure they will breathe a sigh of relief! We also had lunch that afternoon with Sister Lancaster who works at City Hall so I will forward the picture of us that she sent me because I, once again, forgot my card reader for my camera! I know, I wasn't happy when I realized it LOL

Then on Thursday the 26th we had our last district meeting. We weren't going to have one because of Zone Conference but the ZL's texted us that morning and said that because it was Elder Leausa's last one, he wanted to have one. So we met at the church and had an improptu meeting. And it was good! Elder Martinez (our District Leader) had been studying something that morning and he thought it was perfect to use on the spot! The spirit was so strong! I just love the spirit! :) Then we had a little testimony meeting after and yeah. That was good! I cried a little... Then the Elders asked Sister Davidson and I do sing the closing song but I had just been laughing at something Elder Bucholz and Elder McKee said so I told them I didn't want to sing. But they kept asking so we did. I knew it wouldn't go well since I was laughing, but we sang anyway. And sure enough, I messed us up! I was so mad! haha I would have done fine but half way through the song, Elder Leausa turned on the microphone and just that small little detail made me start laughing again! Ugh! Oh well, it was still a good meeting! Then of course we went out to lunch and had a good time there. It is Elder McKee's birthday today so while we were at lunch we asked the waitress to bring him an ice cream thing for his birthday. So we had a couple things to celebrate that afternoon. We just had a really good time! I love my district!

Then Friday the 27th we didn't do much! We cleaned the house super well because we haven't had time to deep clean in a couple weeks but with transfers we figured we should probably clean. Then we did our weekly planning. Oh the joys of weekly planning! haha Such a long process sometimes!

Then Saturday the 28th, Brother and Sister Gute from our ward invited our Zone over for lunch! There were 14 of us. It was so fun! They made a delicious enchilada casserole and had salad and a seven layer dip and watermelon! Just so delicious! And it was fun to spend time as a Zone! And after that we went over to the Elders house to help them clean. They've been living in Vi Poh's house for two months longer than they were going to and this time her son said that they really needed to be out by the 1st. So a bunch of us went to help them clean. Oh my goodness! It was a mess! You can tell that a bunch of teenaged boys have been living in that house for the last nine years! It was a mess! I guess it wasn't as bad as it could have been but it was still bad! So we spent all afternoon and evening cleaning! And that was actually fun... I didn't think I would like cleaning that much haha But we all had fun with it! And that's where we stayed when the ZL's talked to President for transfers. So it was a good last time together as a district!

Then Sunday the 29th, we had cute Sabrina come to church! It was really cool because there was a point when the speaker said something about the primary song, I Am A Child Of God, so I opened the song book to it and she read the words. Then he said something about "imagine if the Savior was here right now, what would he tell you?" And I heard her take a deep breath and I looked over and she was getting teary eyed. It was so cool because at that second I knew she had felt the spirit so strongly! She is incredible! We just love her! It was funny because she texted us on Saturday night wondering about transfers. She said that she was scared and nervous because she didn't want either of us to leave! She is just so cute! We love that girl! We've only known her for a couple weeks but we feel so close to her! I'm so thankful to Heavenly Father for putting us in her path in life! She loves meeting with us. She loves coming to church! And she loves learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ! She's going to Utah this week to visit friends and she's so happy because she gets to go to Temple Square! I just know that she will love it there! And the Sister missionaries there will be great to teach her a little more!

Well, that's about all that I have for this week. Time to email President Becerra and then go to play some soccer! It's very hot but it should be fun! Again, sorry that I forgot my card reader again. But hopefully the one picture I'm going to forward will hold you over til next week LOL

Love you all!
Sister Wheatley

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sisters Davidson and Williams and Sister Wheatley in China Town with matching bracelets

Sisters Davidson and Wheatley

Eating Octopus!!!!!!

Sisters Lehman and Wheatley

Sisters Lehman and Wheatley

Elder Martinez and Yader and Sister Wheatley in China Town

Can you believe I found "OSMOND" in all of these stamps? HA HA

Sister Davidson, Rose, and Sister Hruby and Sister Wheatley

Sisters Davidson and Cherryl Thompson and Sister Wheatley

Cute Hats in China Town

Eating in LA with our District!

Cherryl Thompson and Sister Wheatley

Happy Pioneer Day!

Hey family and friends!! Sorry this letter is a day late. No we did not have transfers yesterday, those come next week. But we had Zone Conference which was AMAZING!!! So that's why this letter is late. But here we go...

This last week was very good! We can really see the hand of the Lord in all that we are doing and it's so cool! We have been extremely blessed this week!

On Monday the 16th we went to China Town for Pday! It was a blast! To be honest, China Town wasn't that exciting but to be with the district was fun! I was super excited when we drove into LA! I don't know why but I have this love for LA even though I've never been. So I was so happy! haha Sadly it was just downtown LA so it wasn't like the best part but it was still LA! I can't wait to go back sometime and go to other touristy attractions and stuff! Anyway, it was just a fun time! We went to lunch at the Grand Central Market which I thought was pretty sweet! There were so many different foods there. I didn't branch out too much because I got Mexican food BUT a couple of the Elders got Sea Food so I tried the octopus on their plate! Yes, I, Sister Rachel Wheatley, Miss picky eater tried octopus!!!!! I was freaking out! It sat on my fork for about five minutes before I actually ate it. And to be honest, it wasn't that bad. I will probably never try it again but it wasn't the worst thing I've ever had! Then after lunch we went to China Town. Sadly I ran out of money so I didn't buy anything but it was fun to walk around and see all the different things there.

Then that night we had a lesson with Rose. It went pretty well. She was having a rough day and it was cool because the Elders showed up at the church and gave her a blessing. They said that they were in a lesson and the second they got out, they felt they needed to be at the church but didn't know why. Neither of them really wanted to go but there was something telling them to come. When they pulled up and saw our car and Rose's car at the church. they knew exactly why they were there. So they came over and at that point we all went inside and talked for a bit. Rose is having a hard time the closer it gets to her baptism. She's had to push it back a couple times but finally set a date by her choosing. So when the Elders came, they talked to her for a bit and then Elder Martinez gave her one of the most incredible blessings ever! The second the blessing was over, the whole church felt different. There was so much more peace! And I could just tell that Rose was a LOT more calm! I had never seen her so calm before! Then Elder Martinez told her what she needed to do that night and she was so humble about it and went right away. It was just an incredible thing to witness. I guess you had to be there to understand completely but the Spirit was so strong, you could cut through it with a knife!

Then on Tuesday the 17th, Sister Davidson and I were in charge of our finding activity for the week. We had a very hard time deciding what we were going to do but we knew that it had to be something where the Elders could use their priesthood authority and give blessings. So we went through our ward list and chose names for each of the companionships to go visit. Elder Durfey and Elder Bucholz went by a man in the ward who hasn't been to church in many years. They told us that when they got there, he was so happy to see them! He even asked them to come back and do some service for them next week! So that was really cool! Then Elders Martinez and Williamson had a special "assignment." We had a name of someone who's husband is dying of cancer and the lady we got the name from just knows that the gospel of Jesus Christ is what she needs in her life right now. Well, technically this couple live in Martinez/Williamson's area so we asked them to go by and give a blessing to the husband. They came back and told us that it was really cool to go there because he was outside in his wheel chair when they walked by so they were able to go up and ask him if he wanted a blessing, and he said yes. It was just really cool how our finding activity worked out even though we had a very hard time knowing exactly what to do. It just proves to me more and more that Heavenly Father is in charge and that as long as we do our best, He will help us and make things work out the way they are supposed to!

Then on Thursday the 19th, that was a very happy day for us! We had a church tour with our new investigator Sabrina! We met her on the 4th of July and she is very prepared to learn what we have to teach! She downloaded the Book of Mormon and even prayed to know what church to join. So during the tour she asked many questions and we were able to answer them and teach her about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The tour just went so well and the Spirit was so strong! Plus, we had a Young Women in the ward, Morgan, come and fellowship and she and Sabrina got along very well! It was just incredible!

Then Friday the 20th we had another tour with the Hagman family! Their son goes to scouts in our ward and has been coming for about three years now. His father is an assembly chairman person and so Sister Campbell asked if they would mind coming on a tour to better understand what we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe. And that tour went very well also! We were supposed to be done by 11am so that Brother Hagman could go to a meeting but he didn't even leave until 11:30! They had so many questions for us and it was nice to be able to answer those and to teach them a little as well! And the Campbell family was there with us so it was nice! We even gave them a couple Books of Mormon to read and they said they would, which was very awesome! They were really reseptive to what we had to say! The Spirit was also strong  there! I just love being able to feel the Spirit! I don't know what I would do in life if I wasn't able to have the Spirit with me at all times!

On Saturday the 21st, the Rolling Ridge Elders had their finding activity. They have been working with a lady in their ward who's family are all members but she isn't. She's been investigating for nine years and she's closer to baptism then she's ever been. Well, the Elders felt strongly that we should go see her. So we weren't really sure what we would do when we went to her house but after praying and taking a few minutes to listen we realized that we needed to sing her a song. So we sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives. It was an incredible Spirit in that home. Her children were there with us and you could just see the love in their eyes for their mom and the love of Jesus Christ also. This week was just filled with so many Spirit-filled moments! And I LOVED it!

Then on Sunday the 22nd, Sabrina came to church! She called us on Saturday and asked what time church started. We found her a ride from a family who has a son that she's known since elementary school. When we told her at the tour that church was three hours long, her face dropped, but she stayed all three hours and she told us that she loved it! And it was really cool because she ended up knowing a lot more of the Young Women in our ward than she thought she did! And they all welcomed her with open arms! She told us after church that she had many questions and they all got answered during each hour! We are so happy for her! And she's so happy! We can't wait to meet with her again this week and teach her more! She's just eating it all up like I eat chocolate chip cookies LOL ;)

Well, that's about all for this week! Like I said, this week was filled with many spiritual experiences! Today is the first day of the 40-day ward fast for missionary work and we can already see it working! We are so excited to see what this week has to bring! I feel so lucky to be apart of this amazing work! I love being an instrument in the Lord's hands. It's very hard at times, and sometimes I just want to stay at home, but then when miracles happen, I'm glad that I got up that day and pushed through whatever challenges I was facing!

Happy Birthday this week to Uncle Mike Livovich and cousin Micah Wheatley on the 28th and also Daniel Woodland on the 29th! Love you all! Hope you each have a wonderful birthday!

And good luck to Elder Asay as he enters the MTC tomorrow! I'm so happy for you! You will be an amazing instrument in the Lord's hand!

Love you all so much! This Saturday is when we get our transfer calls! I'm a little worried because the work in this area is finally showing and I don't want to leave. I have grown so much these last four months (can you believe I've been in CA for FOUR months?!?!?!) and I want to continue to grow from this area and ward. But at the same time, I know that Heavenly Father has plans for me in other places so if I get transfered, it will be hard but I will know it's a call from the Lord.

Sister Wheatley

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No pictures :(

Sorry I didn't get this email out to you earlier. Mom, you're probably checking your email every five minutes making sure you didn't miss it ;) NOTE TO BLOG READERS FROM MOM: Yes, she was right.  I was checking CONSTANTLY ;)  We actually went to China Town this afternoon so that's why this email is so late. And mom is going to kill me LOL but I forgot my card reader so I'm not going to be attatching any photos this week :( SECOND NOTE TO BLOG READERS:  She is DOUBLE right -- I told her that I needed to see pictures of her every week to make my heart sing.  My heart isn't singing right now, but next week, it sounds like my heart will sing DOUBLE!  I'm sorry! But that just means that you get more next week!

Ok, so on Tuesday the 10th, not a whole ton happened, but we did have a lesson with an Egyptian family! We met Caroline while walking around in an apartment complex. I started to just walk right past her (yes, I know we're not supposed to do that) but Sister Davidson stopped and started talking to her. Caroline was super nice and at one point she said, "Do you want to come in and have some coffee and you can talk to my dad?" Umm...sorry, we don't drink coffee but we'll come in and talk to your dad! So we went in and he started talking about some new website that talks about something to do with the last days and so we just listened and then taught them a little about what we as Latter-day Saints believe about the Second Coming and the last days. It was a little hard because they speak Arabic but they were receptive. Then we told them they could look on and learn a little more. We also asked them if we could bring them an Arabic Book of Mormon and they said yes. Unfortunetly we haven't been able to get one yet so hopefully this week we will. So that was pretty cool!

Then on Wednesday the 11th, we had a Relief Society Enrichment activity that Sister Davidson and I participated in. We sang "A Dream Is A Wish" from Cinderella with Sister Gordon, Sister Moran, and her daughter Ariela. So that was a lot of fun to be apart of! It was a "Mad hatters" theme activity so each person could wear a hat! It was just a lot of fun and we even got to talk to a friend of Sister Gordon's who came with her daughter who are not members of the church, so that was cool that they came! It was a very fun and relaxing evening!

On Thursday the 12th, we had District Meeting which was so good! Elder Martinez invited the bishop from the ward he's serving in, Rolling Ridge ward, to come and teach our meeting! Bishop Tamuvasa was incredible! The Spirit was so strong throughout the whole meeting! But there was one point where we did a role play and Sister Davidson and I were teaching Bishop and he said something that just made me cry! I had been having a rough couple of days and what he said was somewhat related to why I was having a rough time. So it was hard for me to get through the role play. But in the end, it turned out well. And after DM we had a district lunch at the church where we made Hawaiian Haystacks! It was so good! The Elders who were supposed to bring the rice ended up not being able to come because they had a lesson but luckily mom's package came the day before (THANK YOU for it BTW) and so I was able to bring "Rachel's Rice" and use that instead. It was a little crazy because I also forgot a sauce pan but the Elders ran home and picked one up for us. Then while I was waiting for the rice to be done, Elder Martinez came in and asked if everything was ok. I told him what was on my mind and he told me that as Elders, they are always there for me and whenever I need a blessing, they would love to give me one. It's so nice to know that I can count on the Elders! I feel so lucky to have so much priesthood power around me at all times! Well, I told him it would be ok and that I wouldn't need one. Well, after lunch, Sister Davidson and I started to do our weekly planning but I couldn't focus! So we went to the room where the Elders were and I asked for a blessing. I asked Elder Williamson to give it to me and his blessing was so amazing! It was short, sweet and to the point. Elder Martinez asked before the blessing what one word is that I wanted to hear in the blessing, so instead of one word I just said, "I just want confirmation that everything is going to be ok." And during the blessing, Elder Williamson said, "It will all be alright." And that meant so much to me! And at that second, I knew those words were given to him by the Holy Ghost and that yes, everything would be alright.

Then that night we went over to Cherryl Thompson's house to learn some new workout routines. As we were leaving, we left a spiritual message with her and then she said, "One day I'll tell you girls why you have made such a difference in my life." I started to cry. She is such an amazing lady! We have grown so close since we met her about two months or so ago. She is someone who has made such a difference in my life! And you know, hearing her say that, made all my efforts as a missionary so far worth it!

Then on Friday the 13th, we had a mission conference! It was so incredible!!! We went out to breakfast at Denny's in the morning and got to the stake center with five minutes to spare! Opps... But it was so amazing! There was a recent convert there who spoke to us and his testimony was so amazing! He has this incredible spirit about him! And not to mention, he was hilarious! We couldn't stop laughing! But that thing that stood out to me from all the speakers was when Sister Becerra said, "It will be ok. It will be alright." I started to cry. It was so amazing that she said the same words that Elder Williamson said just the day before in my blessing! And that was the biggest confirmation that I needed. No matter what happens, it will be alright! I'm at peace with what was troubling me because I got that confirmation through the Holy Ghost.

Then we had a "Super Pday" after the conference. We just played games the rest of the afternoon and it was just fun! We played a game where you have to get the hula hoop around the circle and you have to hold hands. I was laughing because some of the missionaries were like "What? We can't hold hands with the Sisters!" And then President Becerra got on the mega phone and said, "I understand that this is going to involve holding hands with the Sisters, DON'T WORRY! We are right here, nothing is going to happen with us being in the same room." And then everyone started to laugh! After that game, we went outside and had a ton of water games to play! It was just a fun relaxing day that we all needed! Towards the end, everyone was trying to get everyone who wasn't soaked, soaked. Well, I was not wet at all and so a couple times a few Elders tried to get me. At one point, Elder Erekson came up with this big balloon full of water but I ran away. Then I saw him and Elder Martinez coming after me holding the balloon so I started to run, only to see that Sister Davidson was running from the other side with the actual balloon. Sister Davidson threw the balloon at me but it totally missed and popped on the ground! I couldn't stop laughing! Their plan had totally failed! It was hilarious! But another Elder, Elder Alisa ended up getting me wet, but only on one side. It was just a fun day! I'm so lucky to have such a fun mission president who was inspired to give us a day where we didn't have to think about anything but having fun! He said in the morning that "God wants you to have fun, enjoy yourself and get wet" (or something to that effect) and it was just so fun! I can't say how much fun it was! haha

Then that night, we went on exchanges! The fun part about this exchange is that Sister Davidson spent 24 hours with her MTC companion, Sister Mello, and I spent 24 hours with my MTC companion, Sister Lehman! It was just tons of fun! And that night, Sister Lehman and I had a lesson with a guy named Christian, who is friends with a members daughter in our ward. So we went and had an amazing, spirit filled lesson with him. He had a couple questions, mainly ones that we were able to answer with the Plan of Salvation, and it was just amazing! The spirit was there very strongly!

Then on Saturday the 14th, Sister Lehman and I had a very successful day! We were able to visit a couple less active members and teach a couple member lessons which were all amazing! It was just a very good day and it gives me hope for this coming week! It was just so good! I loved spending the day with Sister Lehman again, it was like old times haha :) But at the same time, it's good to be back with Sister Davidson and work with her. We get along so well and we work well together so that's nice!

Well, we ran out this morning so I forgot to look at birthdays again this week (sorry) but I did see that this week is Brieann McDonald's birthday on the 18th and also Durrell's birthday on Friday! So happy birthday to you both and anyone else!

Congratulations to Bubba on his mission call! You are going to be an AMAZING missionary! You will have such a good time! A mission is so much fun. And like everyone says, it's the hardest thing you will ever do but it's also the best thing you will ever do. I've only been out for four months and I can already attest to that! I'm so proud of you Bubba!

Well, I better run to write to President Becerra! Love you all so much!

Again, sorry about no pictures this week. Please forgive me :)

Love always,

Sister Rachel Anna Wheatley

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

Well, here's to another week of emailing! It blows my mind, seriously, how fast the weeks go! Every week that I email I think "Wow, another week gone. My mission is going to be done before I know it." It's really crazy! This week was very incredible! It was very hard especially on the 4th of July but at the same time, it was very rewarding!

To start off, last Monday the 2nd, for Pday, our district went on a hike. I think I sent home those pictures of us last week. It was so much fun! We got up at 4:45am to make it to the church by 5:30. It was funny because our District Leader was so adamant about being to the church at 5:30 so we all got there and he was nowhere to be found. And 30 minutes later he finally showed up. He and his companion slept through their alarm. It was pretty funny! Anyway, we got to the place to hike and it ended up just being a small trial but to make it a hike, they took us up a side of one of the hills where there wasn't a trail. I almost fell a couple times which was kinda scary but it was so much fun! Then we all went out to breakfast, Sister Davidson and I washed the Elders cars because they started to do "pranks" and so to get back to them, we are doing pranks of kindness LOL So that's why we washed their cars. Then we emailed and shopped and then we all got back together for lunch and activities. And to be honest, it was the best Pday we've ever had! The only sad thing is that the Zone Leaders who are in our district, went somewhere else for another Elder's birthday so they weren't with us. But oh well. And during our activity time, our District Leader wasn't in a very good mood and I saw that he had playing cards and I love to play speed so I challenged him to a game. It was so funny to see how his attitude changed right away. We played probably eight games in total the rest of the day and I won five of them, Speed Queen right here!!! haha We all just had a super good day! And to end it off, we went to Joghurt for Frozen Yogurt! So delicious! Then that night, Elders Martinez and Williamson surprised Sister Davidson and I with posters saying thank you for washing their car! It was way nice of them!

 Then on Tuesday the 3rd, Sister Davidson had Zone Council with Sister Fili so I picked up Sister Fili's companion, Sister Carrell, who has only been out for three weeks, and we went back to my area and spent the day there. It was funny to spend the day with her because she reminded me SOO much of Sarah Alder. Like, the way they dress, she's tiny like Sarah, everything. It was kinda creepy actually! haha And so yeah, we went and visited a couple members in the ward and then headed back to her house to pick up Sister Davidson. Oh! On our way back to my house, I accidently took the wrong exit and nothing was looking familiar to me and then I realized that we were out of our mission! We had crossed the line into the Anaheim mission! I started to laugh a little. But luckily we didn't get too far before I realized it!

On Wednesday the 4th, that was a hard day for us. We really didn't know what to do because it was the 4th of July and we didn't want to bother people on a holiday. So we were really struggling. But that morning I just had this strong feeling that we needed to bring our service clothes because we needed to help someone. So we got to our area and were driving around and nothing felt right. Well, I had my eye on a lady in the ward, who has been in active for many years, and I thought that on the list it said she was in her 60s. Well, I thought that maybe we should go to her house and visit her because I wasn't sure if she would have any family over for the holiday. So we drove up  there and as we got there, I just wasn't sure about it anymore. I wasn't sure if it was just me that didn't want to go anymore or if it was really the spirit telling me no. Well, I say this lady and the next house over that was pulling weeds so Sister Davidson and I got out to ask her if she needed help, she said no. So since we were already out of the car, I just said, what the heck, might as well go to Anh's house now. So when we got there and knocked on the door, Anh answered and said, "Are you mormons?" Yes, we are. "Hold on, let me get my daughter." We were kind confussed. Well, her daughter, Sabrina, came to the door... "Are you mormons?" Yes.... Well, it turns out that Sabrina's best friend lives in Anaheim Hills and she's mormon, Sabrina's mom is also mormon even though she doesn't go to church, and Sabrina has been wondering what church to join, the Catholic church or the Mormon church, and she even downloaded the Book of Mormon on her phone and has been reading it! Then she told us that just the night before, she prayed and asked God what church she should join! And then the next day we show up on her doorstep!! What a miracle! Sadly she is going to be out of town until this Thursday so we haven't been able to meet with her yet but we're excited because we can tell that she really wants to learn more about the church! Sister Davidson and I have really wanted an experience like that but never thought it would happen. I just think that it's really cool! And I think that Heavenly Father is pretty amazing! If I hadn't had the feeling to bring our service clothes, if I hadn't seen Anh's name on  the ward list a couple months ago, we never would have found Sabrina! It's just incredible how the smallest, most weird details add up to something amazing!

Then that night, I wasn't feeling well after dinner, so we went to the church until I felt better. While we were there, the Elders came by and asked if we wanted to go with them to an investigators home to watch fireworks. They can't do fireworks in Chino Hills because of all the hills but part of the Elders area is in Chino so they can do fireworks. I was feeling a little better by this time and when they said fireworks, I cheered right up! I was missing the fireworks back home from the Stadium of Fire so I was so happy to see some fireworks that night! I LOVE fireworks! They make me so happy! I don't like to set them off but if I can see them, I'll be a happy girl :) So that was a nice way to end the 4th of July! And I hope that anyone who went to the SoF had extra fun for me LOL ;)

Then on Thursday the 5th we had District Meeting and lunch! We had a great DM and then for lunch Elder Martinez made us all Tuna Helper! he told someone in his ward that he would make it so we as a district got the benefits of it! It was so good! And during this time, we had another speed showdown! We only did two games this time though and I won once and Elder Martinez won once. I have to step up my game! I can't let anyone beat me! LOL And then we all played hang man on the chalk board. We had a super good time!

After that Sister Davidson and I went and talked to the Relief Society president about a list of Sisters that she gave us to go see. It's been nice because we've been able to see them and talk to most of them and things like that. So that was good because Sister Peterson hasn't been able to get to most of these ladies because she's always so busy. And we don't mind meeting these Sisters and helping to bring them back unto Christ. We don't know what kind of a difference we'll make in their lives but just being their friends and sharing spiritual messages with them is good and we know that somehow we are making a difference.

Then on Friday the 6th, that was an interesting day. I won't go into too much detail about it but after Sister Davidson and I had dinner, the Elders called and said that they were all going to dinner and wanted us to come. Well, we were a little hesitant because we had just gotten out of dinner but at the same time, we didn't feel bad about it. Also, Sister Davidson wasn't feeling too well so she thought maybe the Elders could give her a blessing after they were done eating. So we met them at Red Robin and had a good time! We headed back to the church after dinner so that Sister Davidson could get a blessing and there we met the Zone Leaders. They needed to talk to us about of progress records. Well, during this time, there were many things that happened that ended up in a district improptu meeting. Nothing bad happened but it was interesting how the things that did happen, led to this. And so we spent the rest of the night talking as a district. It was really cool because we each had time to speak and say things and it really helped us to grow even closer as a district family. We each feel like this is the best district any of us have ever had! And for me, since this is really my first district, I feel so lucky to be a part of it. Sister Davidson told me later that night that I really am lucky to have such a good district and that no other district will ever be like this one. And I believe her! I have really come to love these Elders and Sister Davidson as really good friends! The things that happened that night are really personal but they have made such a difference in my mission already! I have learned so much from each of the Elders and Sister Davidson during these last 15 weeks. It's been incredible! And it made me happy when one of the Elders said that Sister Davidson and I are the "seriously the best sisters in the mission." I know that's something small but at the same time, everything that happened on Friday night, just made for a great meeting and a renewal of our district! We are even closer now and it's been so fun!

Then on Saturday the 7th, the Elders called us and said that Brother Holland, the stake mission leader, had free tickets to have breakfast at Applebees for us. So Sister Davidson and I hurried and finished getting ready, went to pick the tickets up at Brother  Holland's house (he lives in our ward), and then went to Applebees. It was a fundraiser for someone in our stake running for some city thing so that was fun! And it was a free breakfast! haha Then we went to do service with the Elders at a members home in the Rolling Rigde ward. These people were moving into a home where the previous renters didn't take good care of the house so they had to remodel the whole place. It was fun because we got to do a few different things to help them but the funnest part was painting! I was so excited! I've never painted before so it made me happy :) We just painted the wood outside around the roof. And during that time we had a little too much fun with the paint brushes and rollers and we got paint on our clothes and stuff. But it was fun! I'm telling you, I have the best district! We know how to have fun together but we also know when to be serious :)

Then that night Sister Davidson and I had to speak at a stake baptism at last minute. So I spoke the Holy Ghost and Sister Davidson spoke on Baptism. It was so cute to see the three 8 year olds all happy and excited to be baptized! They were all so cute!

Then, yesterday the 8th, was a very special day for Sister Davidson and I! (No, it wasn't a baptism. :( We had to postpone that for another week...) But what was exciting was when we were sitting down in church and the door opens and in walks our dear friend Cherryl!!! We have been meeting with her since she moved into the ward two months ago. She hasn't been to church for a long time because of some things that have happened in the last few years but we have been going to visit with her every week and getting to know her and hopefully get her to come back to church. Well, we haven't been able to see Cherryl in about two weeks because she's been so busy with work and school. But yesterday she was up at 3am and when 10am rolled around, she needed a break so she decided that she would come to church! You have no idea how happy we were to see her! We started to cry! Cherryl has such a testimony but has been struggling for a while. And it was so cool to know that she let all those things be put aside and that she had courage to come to church! I couldn't be happier! We just love Cherryl! We have such a special bond with her. She is an incredible lady! So we were just over the top with happiness that she came to church yesterday!

Well, that's about all for now. It was a very good week! It was hard at times but very happy in the end! I hope that everyone is doing well back home! I love hearing about things that are going on! Like Daniels mission call that SHOULD be coming this week! I can't wait to hear where you're going Bubba! I'll put in my guess now.... Chile! ;) No, I think you will go to New Zealand! I could totally see you going there! I expect to see an email from you next week Bubba!

Last week I failed to wish Sister Mariah Wheatley, AriAnn Lamb and Tessa Schouten happy birthdays! So I hope that you all had great birthdays yesterday! I forgot to look today to see if there are birthdays this next week so if there are, happy birthday to all of you!

Love you all so much!

Love always, Sister Wheatley

Monday, July 2, 2012

What happened?

I really have no clue what happened to this week! It went by so fast and I don't feel like we got much accomplished :( But, we've been working hard. We have a couple things happen to us this week that threw us off so that wasn't fun. I guess I'll get started telling you all what happened.

Tuesday the 26th, that was a very weird day! It went by so fast that by the time we got home that night, Sister Davidson and I didn't even remember what we did all day. And that was hard. We're trying so hard to be good missionaries but when you have days where you go home and feel like you got nothing accomplished, it's a total bummer of a day! The only thing that I remember that happened that day was when the 1st counselor from the mission presidency, President Gutierrez, met Sister Davidson and I at Rose's sons house to dedicate it. There have been weird things that have happened in the last 10 years or so there that Rose really wanted to have it dedicated. So while Rose and Sevrin were out getting dinner, President Gutierrez dedicated the house. It was really cool to be a part of a house dedication because I've never been apart of one before. And it was something that Rose really wanted so I know that it helped her.

Then on Wednesday the 27th (my 3 month mark!!!), Rose called us and said that Sevrin was put in the hospital. That was hard for her. He's sick and so while they were out on Wednesday, he saw a cop and decided to get out and talk to him. But the situation wasn't good so they took him to the hospital for three days. During that time, the cops gave Rose all of Sevrin's cigarettes and she started to smoke :( She was doing so well! She stopped smoking on Sunday after our meeting with President Gutierrez and she said that she would have been fine if the cops hadn't given them to her. We were totally bummed! And because of that, she's been smoking ever since :( So we had to move her baptism back until next Sunday. And we know that this week is going to be even harder for her. We know that all of this was just Satans way of getting her off track and it was sad. But we're not giving up on her! We are going to meet with her every day this week, again, and help her to be ready for baptism by this next Sunday!

Then on Thursday the 28th, we met with Rose at the hospital where Sevrin was staying and we then went to a park close by and talked for about an hour. We just want the best for her. She is an incredible lady and everyone we meet tells her that they can see a light in her eyes. And it's true! She know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. She has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She is ready for this next step in her life and it's hard to see all these set backs that keep coming her way. But I know that with a lot of prayer and fasting, and faith, everything will work out the way that it's supposed to!

Then on Friday the 29th, we drove all the way out to Glendale because I needed to go to the dr. I knew that right after I called the dr office, everything that I thought was wrong would go away and guess what, it did! It always happens that way! UGH! haha It's a good thing but kind of annoying also. But we went in anyway just to make sure and yeah. Nothing to be worried about. But it's better that I was safe rather then sorry, right? haha And then on the way back to Chino Hills, we stopped in Arcadia at the mission office to get a couple supplies for things for the Youth in our ward because we are doing a summer Book of Mormon challenge with them! Also, Sister Davidson has been feeling lately that I should be the designated driver so while we were at the office, we asked if I could drive. I'm approved to drive so now I'm driving! I'm so excited! It's such a small thing to be excited about but anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE to drive! haha So I'm a little happy :)

Then that night, Sister Davidson and I met with Rose again but this time we had Elder Martinez and Elder Williamson come and teach her. And the lesson they taught was AMAZING! It was something that she needed to hear. They read a couple verses from the Bible about when Jesus was walking on water and Peter called out to him and then Peter walked on water. And when Peter's faith was shaken and he fell, Christ helped him up. And they applied that to Rose. Whenever she falls, Jesus Christ is there to pick her up, no matter how many times, He is always there! And that was what Rose needed but at the same time, it was a great reminder for myself! I never have to be scared because my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will always be there to help me up whenever I fall. He is there for each one of us! We never have to be scared.

Then on Saturday the 30th, we had a big miracle happen! There's a family in our ward who's son, Sean, is less active and has been for a few years now. Well, we went to their house to practice a song that we are singing for the Relief Society Enrichment night next week and when we got there, Sean wasn't there. But we knew that he was supposed to be there on Saturday so we practiced and then stayed a little longer hoping that he would show up. Well, just as I was about to say something, the door opened and in walked Sean! We had been looking at the Josh Groban piano book earlier and his mom told us that he can sing When You Say You Love Me amazingly so we wanted to hear him! And it was very good! I got chills and almost cried! Well, we talked for a while longer and then Sister Davidson and I needed to leave but we wanted to leave their family with a spiritual thought. Well, Sean started to walk upstairs and Sister Davidson said, "You'll want to stay for this. We're going to sing." So he came back down. We ended up singing Lord, I Would Follow Thee, and then at the end we bore our testimonies about that song. The whole time the spirit was SO strong! It was incredible! I was feeling bad that we might have stayed longer than we should have but after Sean gothome and we gave our spiritual thought, I didn't feel so bad anymore. It was really amazing! I just love when the spirit is as strong as it was on Saturday!

Then that night we went to the college, Cal Poly Pomona and helped do inventory at the Farm Store they have. The lady that owns it is LDS and so she asked a bunch of people from our stake to come and help and she also asked all of the missionaries. And it was a ton of fun! haha Not only did I get to listen to some good country music ;) but we were doing service and it was fun! I have really come to love doing service for people. I never really appreciated doing service as much in the past as I have since being on my mission. I really enjoy it!

Then on Sunday the 1st, Rose had her baptismal interview with President Gutierrez. She wanted us to come in with her, and missionaries don't usually do that, so I felt a little weird. It wasn't a bad thing but I just knew that doesn't normally happen so I felt weird. It was a good interview and she's ready for baptism but this week we are really working with her on her smoking. It's hard for her but I know that she can do it, if she really wants to. And if she really has that desire and tries her best, Heavenly Father will bless her!

Then last night, we went to a members home who is less active and spent a couple hours with him and his daughter. He was telling us about how he joined the church and all these things about his college years. He went to BYU but wasn't a member until his junior year. It was funny because he was telling us about how he went to his Bishop one day after church (who just happens to be LaVell Edwards!!!) and told him how he wanted to be baptized. LaVell looked at him and was like, "I thought you were a member?!?!" We couldn't stop laughing! It was just a lot of fun to hear all these amazing stories! He also told us that he worked for BYU TV and he did the voice over thingy for when they dedicated the Provo Temple! I thought that was pretty cool!

Oh, on last thing! We went to the Zdunich's for dinner last night and that was so much fun! We just love the Zdunich's! (They are moving back to Utah this week so I'm excited because I'll get to go visit them when I get home haha) Anyway, Sister Davidson and I were about to give our spiritual thought before we left and we were going to sing Where Can I Turn for Peace and I started singing when all of a sudden I see Sister Davidson flipping through her song book to find it! She thought we were singing a different song and I just couldn't stop laughing!!! It was so funny! Needless to say, I ended up not being able to sing for our thought. I was laughing so much!

Anyway, that's about all for this week,not a whole ton. But it's good! I'm excited for this week because while we were with President Gutierrez, he told us that we have to focus on working with members instead of going and walking and contacting. He said that that came straight from the top aka President Becerra. So I'm looking forward to working with members for the rest of the time that I'm in this area!

Well, before I end, thank you to Emily Sabins for your letter this week! And a happy birthday to..... Jolene Lougee on the 4th, Aaron Wheatley today!!, Colby Adair on the 4th, Kristofer Wheatley on the 6th, TaLisha Wheatley on the 7th, and Terin Tharp on the 7th. I hope you all have a wonderful birthday! And hopefully I didn't miss anyone else!

Love you all!

Love, Sister Wheatley

PS - we went on a hike this morning and it was so much fun! haha And on our way back to our cars, we went past a blue house and one of the Elders told me that it used to be Snoop Doggs house! haha So I had to take a picture of it! I also found out that he lives close to where I'm staying! How cool is that? LOL Anyway, I thought it was cool :)