Monday, August 6, 2012

Great Harvest Bread and Stephen's Fry Sauce...Utah is being distributed to Cali!!!

Ok, the reason I put that as my subject line/title of this letter is because the Williams family went to Utah (and not just Utah but PROVO this past week) and Sister Davidson and I were really craving some Great Harvest Bread and they brought us back some! And it was delicious!!! I wish that Great Harvest was out here in Cali. Except for that I'd be very broke if they were here.... So maybe it's a good thing! And also, today while shopping we saw that Stephen's Hot Cocoa has made up Fry Sauce and is sending it country wide! Pretty cool if you like Fry Sauce! So it was good to have a little bit of home out here in good ol' California!

Ok, here's what happened this week!....

On Tuesday the 31st Sister Davidson and I both felt like we should put together an ad for the local newspaper for church tours! We figure that with the elections coming up, it might be nice if people really understood what we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints really believe. So we are going to try and get it in the newspaper sometime this week and start tours! We are very excited! And it's a good way to find people that are truly wanting more in their lives. So it will be wonderful!

That night we went over to Brother and Sister Wilson's because Brother Wilson really wanted to help us with our Family History. He's so cute about it! haha Sister Davidson started with hers first and she found some cool stuff and information. Then we came to mine. I found out that somehow I've been doing family history work while on my mission without even knowing it! haha I'm guessing mom was logged into mine instead of hers...??? I was really funny and we laughed about it! The excitement of Brother Wilson doing all this has really got me thinking that when I get home I should probably start doing some family history! I know, shocker right?? Me? Doing family history? The world must be ending! LOL :)

Then on Wednesday the 1st (I can't believe it's August already!!!) we helped the Elders AGAIN go clean the house they have been staying at. The owner's son called the ZL's on Tuesday night and told them that they needed to come back and take everything out and do something with it. So we all went  up on Wednesday and just threw things away. There were so many trash bags! It wasn't really worth going through and keeping things. We filled up a whole bag of a truck with trash! It was nasty! 10 years of Elders living at this home is not a fun thing to clean up after. But I will say this, it could have been worse! haha

On Thursday the 2nd we had our first District Meeting as a new district! It was pretty good! I learned a lot and there are things that I need to work on. I never knew that each week I could learn so much and work on things but then go back the next week and learn even more and work on things even more! But it's actually kind of fun! I have learned so much about the gospel and about myself. I'm sure there are things I would have never learned had I not chosen to go on a mission! It's amazing!

Also that day, we had a lot of success with going to see former potentials and investigators! Since we started the 40-day fast in the ward, things have been working out so well! We have very many miracles that are happening. Some are big and some are small but they are still miracles!

Then on Saturday the 4th, ROSE WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! It has been a long time coming but it finally happened! She's been investigating for about 7 or 8 years now and it was just a wonderful day! There weren't many people there (only six Elders, the ward mission leader, Brother Gordon who's in the bishopric, his family, President Gutierrez, and an investigator for one of the sets of Elders.) Rose is a very shy person so she didn't want to make a big thing over it. But none-the-less, the Spirit was there and it was wonderful! It was a very good day!

That night we went to dinner at the Brock's and while at dinner, Brother Brock brought out a big birthday bag that was flat and gave it to Sister Davidson. It was her birthday yesterday (Sunday) and in the bag there was a riddle that had to do with things in the scriptures and when she figured it out, she got her birthday present (BTW, Dad. This is something I would see you doing haha I had to smile) So when she read scriptures and figured it out, her birthday present was to go pick apples off their tree. Sister Davidson LOVES apples and she was so excited! She was like a kid in a candy store!

Then yesterday (Sunday the 5th), Sister Davidson was having the best birthday ever. The Elders had us all write a little something to her and then they went out and bought her a sketch pad and colored pencils and made a card for her. Then everyone at church kept wishing her a happy birthday. She was just so happy! It was a good day!

The funny thing that happened yesterday was when President Gutierrez called us but we didn't pick up. Then he text us and said, "Call me, it's urgent." We freaked out! We didn't have a reason to freak out but we were scared! But once we got on the phone with him he asked, "Where are you Sisters bathing???" We started to laugh!!!!!!!!! He found out that we had bathed in the pool for two days and he was worried! I can't remember if I wrote this in one of my emails but the reason we bathed in the pool for a couple days is because our water was turned off. But it turns out that Sister Davidson accidently turned off the water! She went to turn off the hose but it wasn't turning off so she saw another handle and turned that off. I had no clue she had done that and she didn't realize what handle she had turned off. So we had to clean up in the pool! He was so concerned! It was hilarious! But we all just ended up laughing and it was good! It was a very interesting experience to bathe in a pool. It's something I never want to do again....

Well, this is a very short email but that's because not a lot happened this week. But it was a good week with all that did happen! We were sad because Sabrina didn't come to church yesterday but it's ok because she's actually in Utah!! haha If she can't come to church, I guess Utah is the second best place to be LOL She said that she was going to try and go to church while in Utah (which probably wasn't a problem because there's a church on every corner LOL) She was so excited to go to Utah! She was looking forward to going to Temple Square too! So that was exciting to hear! She is just loving coming to church and it makes me happy that she loves it!

Well, I just want to wish Josh Wheatley on the 4th, Grandpa Wheatley on the 8th and Mom on the 12th Happy Birthdays!!!! And thanks to Sam, Bekkah and Dad for letters this week!!!!

I gotta run and send a letter to President Becerra now! Love you all!

-Sister Wheatley

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