Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An RC Willey's Box for a House???

Good afternoon!!!! Today has been a wonderful day so far!! We haven't done much yet but I got three letters written and laundry all done, washed the car, cleaned my room, and relaxed a little!! So this Pday has started off as a nice one! And to start off, I just want to say thank you to Bekkah and Jen for sending me the package!!! I was craving Oreos like none other the last couple weeks! So that was awesome! Then I shared the treats with the Elders and we got a text from them on Saturday that said, "This candy is AWESOME!!!!" So they really were enjoying it! haha So thanks tons! And thanks to Emily Sabins for your letter!

Well, to let you know how my week went, it started off not so good. I was still struggling with all that happened last weekend and last Monday I finally figured out what was wrong!!! During Companionship study last Monday the 13th, Sister Davidson and I were talking and we both stayed quiet at one point for about five minutes. And during that time, I think I finally figured out what it was that was holding me back. So I wrote this down,

"Why can't I get out of this slump? Am I going to have so much success that Satan's working on me extra hard?

I don't want to be depressed but I can't seem to get out of it. How can I be happy? How can I not let Satan have

a hold of me? When will I be happy again? When will I have faith again? I need to cut the strings that he has a

hold of because he's pulling the ones that make me want to give up. I CAN'T give up!!! I have power over Satan!!!!"

I know that sounds super depressing but that's how I was feeling. I just couldn't understand it! It was bothering me so much that I was feeling this way. I'm not one to give up on something that I know I'm supposed to be doing but it was just really hard. And when I realized what was happening, I had to stop it! Satan doesn't want this work to move forward. And he knows what strings to pull on people. And it was hurting me! But the rest of the day I went on doing the normal Pday stuff that we do and we had fun! But at the same time, there was still something bothering me. (More on  that in a minute...)

Then that night when we got home, we got a phone call from Mama J. We were very excited to talk to her! But the reason she was calling us wasn't very exciting....She told us that she's coming home in two weeks but that she has to have someone there with her 24/7 because she's still not able to do things on her own. And that the nurse that would be living with her would have to take our room. Which means we have to move out :( We were so bummed!! And so was Mama J. But, to help Mama get better, we know that it's the thing that has to be done. So we have til the end of the month to find a house to live in. (Hence the title of this email haha)

Then on Tuesday the 14th, I was feeling better about things but I was still not totally better. So I texted the Zone Leaders to ask if I could get a blessing. I've had a couple blessings so far on my mission but I just felt like I needed one more to help me! So we all met at the church and I received a blessing! Before the blessing, Elder McKee asked me what was wrong and he talked for a couple minutes to help me figure things out. Then he gave me a blessing. It was an amazing blessing! All the blessings I have received have been amazing but this one was extra amazing! After the blessing, I felt 100x better than I ever have! It was so amazing! I couldn't believe it! And I haven't had a bad day since! I know that Heavenly Father has blessed me this week! It's been amazing to see the difference from before the blessing and after. I'm happier. I feel like I can feel the Spirit more. I can see miracles happening. It's just been amazing!!!

Also that day, eight of us missionaires in the stake got together and got our pictures taken by the PR guy in the stake because we are putting an article/flier in the newspaper for church tours. Every Saturday from 10am-2pm we are going to have tours for anyone that is interested in finding out what the inside of a Mormon church looks like and for anyone that is interested to know a little more about what we as members of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believe. So that's pretty exciting! At first they were just going to have Sister Davidson and I in the pictures but we didn't feel good about having just us in them so we got eight of us together and we felt much better about that. So it will be cool! And hopefully we will have people that want to come and learn more!

Then on Wednesday the 15th, Sister Davidson and I did a lot of walking that day. And while we were in this one apartment complex, this car comes up to us and says that they lost their Yorkie dog and they were wondering if we have seen her. Well, we told them that we'd look for her and wanted to know what to do if we found her. So they told us what apartment they lived in and we were off! Sister Davidson turned to me, "Sister Wheatley!!! We are going to find this dog!!!" So we said a quick prayer and we were off! We walked for only a couple seconds and I stopped because I heard the dingaling of dog tags! So we turned and there was this cute dog running straight towards us!! It was awesome! So we picked her up (she was much bigger and heavier than any Yorkie I've ever seen... And she didn't smell very good either...) and we walked to the lady's apartment and sat there and waited for her. And about five minutes later, she comes around the corner and she sees us there with Lily (the dog) and she starts to cry! It was so cute! We were just happy that we were able to tell her that it was through prayer that we were able to find her dog! They thought that was pretty cool :) So we talked to them for a couple minutes about who we are and we gave them a tour flier and we are going to go back to her house this week. We know that it was a small miracle but it was a miracle! We love small, big, funny, weird miracles! Because it doesn't matter how they come, but they come.

Then my highlight of the week haha was Thursday! On Wednesday night I was able to make chicken and rice to get ready to make my Chicken Enchiladas for District Meeting the next morning. I was so happy to be making them! I miss cooking! I don't get a lot of time to cook but when I do, I love it!! I just felt right at home making us lunch! And then after DM on Thursday, we all enjoyed a free meal... Well, the Elders enjoyed a free meal LOL Plus, I made mom's Corn Bread that you sent me and they loved that as well. It was just nice to be able to cook for people again. I have really missed it!

Then on Saturday, we started the church tours. Sadly no one came this week but we know that as soon as it gets in the paper and we hand out more fliers, we will get more people to come. We just felt so strongly like these tours need to happen so I know there's a reason for that!

Also that night, we went and saw dear Cherryl! We haven't seen her in about a month so it's been sad for us. But she was in town for the weekend to get some things for her new job and so we stopped by and saw her! As we were talking to her, we mentioned that we were needing to find a place to live and she said, "You can come live here!!" She's out of town a lot for her new job and so it was perfect. Plus when she is in town, she was happy that we can be living with her! We have grown to love Cherryl! She told us that we've made a big difference in her life and it goes the same for her to us. She's incredible! So, we called President Gutierrez that night and told him, he called Cherryl and before she left on Sunday he went over to meet her and look at the house to see if it was ok for us to live there. We called President Gutierrez after church and he said it would be the most perfect place for us to live! It was amazing!!! We are so danged excited!!!!!!!! And so is Cherryl!! It will be good for all of us! So we do not have to live in an RCWilley's box. But we did tell Brother and Sister Jones in the ward to get ready to get us one just in case we couldn't find a place to live LOL :) So all is well!!

Then yesterday after church, it was just a wonderful day! We were able to have four member lessons which was awesome (we are working with the members a lot in this area) and we were able to talk with two potential investigators for 45 minutes! It was just a very good Sunday!

As you can see, after my blessing, things are really looking up. Both Sister Davidson and I have been struggling lately but we were both able to work these small things out and now we feel much better! I know that good things are happening in this area! We are working hard and following the Spirit! We all have rough times in our lives (like mom said in her email this morning) but we just have to keep going. We can't give up! No matter how hard it gets! We have to remember, whatever happens in life, there is one man who knows how we feel, and that's our savior Jesus Christ! We can always rely on Him. He's there for us whenever we need Him. And I've come to be extremely thankful for that! I've needed Him so much in my life, especially the last few months, and He's always been there for me!

Well, I didn't see any birthdays on my calendar this week but if I'm wrong, sorry and Happy Birthday to whoever is reading this email and it's their birthday LOL

Alright, I gotta run... We're going bowling again! Talk to you all next week! Love you all!

Sister Rachel Wheatley :) :) :)

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