Monday, June 25, 2012

Hard Beginning, Happy Ending

Hello friends and family! It's another week with another email :)

This week was a little hard for me. There were many good days but there were also times during those days that I felt down and not motivated. Sister Davidson and I were really optimistic about this week and all the good that would come from it but there were some things that happened this week that, in a way, tested my faith.

To start off the week, on Tuesday the 19th, we had a lesson with this lady we met a couple weeks ago, Donna Denver. We were all excited to go teach her because she's super nice and she seemed very interested! Well, when we got to her house, the front door was opened and we could hear them talking inside. Sadly we could tell by their conversation after we rang the doorbell, that she was going to cancel with us. She finally came to the door and said that she wouldn't be able to meet that day. She then told us that she wanted to write down questions first that her son has about things that he's heard from friends at school and stuff and that she didn't have those done. So she said that she would call us when she was ready. It was really sad because we were really looking forward to meeting with her that day. But it seems like she still wants to meet with us and ask us questions. So that's good because we can answer those questions when she's ready and hopefully we will bring her family more understanding of what we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe and that she will want to learn more!

Then on Wednesday the 20th, Sister Davidson and I had an appointment with Yenida Scott. We called her on Tuesday to remind her but she never answered. We left her a message but she didn't call us back. So we went to the church that morning and got all ready to have a lesson. Well, 10am rolled around and she didn't come :( So we decided to wait a few minutes but she still never came. It was so sad! We really felt good about the lesson we had for her and it didn't happen. But we weren't able to go to her house because we had to go to service at City Hall and by the time we were done with that, we didn't feel good about going to see her. So instead we parked the car and walked for three hours! And that's another reason why it was kind of a hard day. We didn't get to meet with Yenida and then we walked and walked. It was a rough day for us but I guess we all have days like that.

Then on Thursday the 21st, we met with Rose Alva! When we got there to meet with her, she told us that she's been reading from the Book of Mormon almost daily now! We were so excited! She is really doing well and coming so close to baptism! So we talked with her for about 45 minutes and had some good conversation. We are so happy for Rose!

Then Friday and Saturday were pretty normalish days. Not a whole ton happened. But on Saturday night, we had a big ward party called Picnic on the Green. They have this party every year, they even have a live band! haha It was a lot of fun! Rose came and there were so many people that came up to her and said hi. She has been coming to the ward for about six years now, off and on, but it was still nice to know that people care about her and want her to feel welcome. Rose and I were talking during the picnic and she said how weird it is for her to be at a BBQ thing without beer and smoking. But she said that she actually liked it! That was so good to hear from her! She's been alcohol free for almost a year now and it's very exciting for her.

Then on Sunday the 24th, that was a BIG day! Rose came to church like she has been doing for the last three or four weeks straight, and after sacrament meeting, President Gutierrez came to talk with us and Rose and to give Rose a blessing. We talked for almost two hours! It was very good. It was something that she needed! And her blessing was even more amazing! There were things that President Gutierrez said that Rose really needed to hear, it was very cool! Well, to end our meeting, President Gutierrez said that we need to start planning Rose's baptism! And that we can have it next Sunday the 1st!! How dang exciting! We know that this is what Rose needs to help her in life, especially with her son who has some major health problems. So we are planning her baptism very quickly and we're very excited! One thing that President said though, was that this week, Rose needs to not smoke. So he told her to give Sister Davidson and I her smoke pack and that we would throw it away and that she could not buy anymore. So that's what we did! After we were done, we went to her car and took her pack and her lighters and threw them away! We talked to her later that night and she said that she had had some cravings but that she didn't go out and buy any! We are so proud of her! So we are looking forward to her baptism this next Sunday and we will be working really hard with her all week!

Also on Sunday, we were in ward council and we had talked to the Bishop Hancock about getting the ward to do a 40-day fast. So during ward council he mentioned it and asked if everyone thought it was a good idea. Sister Davidson and I were so excited to see that everyone supported us in that! The 40-day fast will include one family fasting each day and we will break the fast with them at dinner that night and to start and end it, we will do as a ward with a pot luck or something to end the fast! We are very excited and we know that this is what the ward needs to help them, and us as missionaries, in our missionary efforts! We have to plan this out really well and in two weeks when we go back to ward council, we will make it official and announce it in sacrament meeting that day! The Carbon Canyon ward is a wonderful ward! I really feel at home here but I know that this will help them in their missionary efforts. And I know that Sister Davidson and I will be blessed as missionaries with work to do as long as we work our hardest!

Well, this week started off rocky but it ended very well! Not a ton happened but that's ok! I'm so happy right now! As much as I love being at home, hanging out with my friends and family, and going to concerts, I know that on my mission is where I need to be at this time in my life. There are hard times and there are happy times, but I know that if I do all I can, Heavenly Father will be proud of me and the work that I do. And I'm so thankful for that!

Gotta run! Time to go play some soccer! :) Thanks for all your love, support, and prayers! I hope things are going well with each on of you!

Love always,

Sister Wheatley

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