Monday, May 27, 2013

Long, hard, and rewarding

Well, we've been at the Family History Center for two hours now and I'm barely getting started on this email. I got kicked off at one point so I have to hurry because we are having a zone activity and I'm so excited so I have to write like a wind storm.
Monday the 20th was an OK day. We went contacting in the early part of the night and then had a lesson with Pam that turned out good.  Then that night we got home and I got a text from Sister Salisbury that made me hyperventilate. She said that the tornadoes in Oklahoma were moving toward Arkansas and I got scared for Daniel. I started to cry and wasn't having a good night. It had been a couple of harder days and so this just made me really scared. Sister Staker talked to me for a few minutes and then she suggested we say a prayer. After the prayer I was feeling a lot better but was still crying so Sister Staker suggested I get a blessing from Bishop Whitworth (we live with their family now.) It was really cool because the blessing he gave me was incredible! Everything he said really gave me a lot of comfort and I received some really cool personal revelation! I really needed the blessing and everything was just perfect! Then it was cool because we walked back into our room and I looked at the phone and it was 10:57 pm and I got a text from Sister Salisbury from 10:54 pm that said she felt like everyone was going to be OK. So I thought it was cool that she sent that almost immediately after my blessing from Bishop. So I was able to sleep well that night but the next day I was completely exhausted and barely made it through.

Tuesday the 21st we had a six week training program meeting and like I said, I was so tired! I couldn't pay very much attention but I got some awesome things out of the meeting.
Wednesday the 22nd was just crazy! I'll try to keep it short... We had a lesson with our investigator Rick but we were going to drop him. We had Sister Hartwig come with us and she asked a couple questions to know how Rick was doing with his reading and learning. He said some things where then Sister Hartwig said exactly what we were going to tell Rick but it made it so much easier for us! He kinda got mad and then we told him that everything Sister Hartwig said was exactly what we were going to say. Then I went off on him a little more and I had a very hard time but had a very cool experience! I told him some things that were on my mind and why I was out on my mission and this was really the first time I have ever seen him quiet for more than 3 minutes. I even said something like, "Rick, this lesson today is to tell you that we can't come back because you aren't doing anything that we ask. We can't keep coming over here and wasting our time, your time, and our members times. We aren't coming back Rick." And at the end of my "rampage" he said, "OK, I want you to come back. I'll read 100 pages in the Book of Mormon. I want to continue to learn." And we left the lesson with my eyes puffy and a return appointment. It was cool but it was so hard! But at the same time, I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. So we are going to go back this week if we call him on Tuesday and he says he's read. But if he hasn't, we won't be going back. We feel like he could really want to be a member of the church and to learn for the right reasons but this will really show us what he wants.
Thursday the 23rd I was lucky enough to be able to have a meeting with President Becerra. Before we went to see Rick on Wednesday, literally everything was going wrong! We got keys and Sister Staker's backpack and scriptures locked in the FHC and we couldn't get someone to open it til 9:00 pm, one of our potential investigators didn't show up at the appointment we had AGAIN, and just a bunch of other things! It was just ridiculous! So I called President and on Thursday I met with him. He talked to me about prayer and gave me some really good scriptures to read. At the end of our meeting, he told me we would find two new investigators by Sunday night! So off we went and I was ready to work! It was awesome!
Not much more happened the rest of the week. We did a lot of finding and talking to members. We took a member of the singles ward who is preparing for a mission out with us on Friday and we had a very awesome time! She is going to be a wonderful missionary! It was just a lot of fun and we made a lot of contacts. But that's about it. We didn't have too much more happen this week but what did happen ended up being amazing! We tried hard to get those two new investigators but sadly, everyone has their agency :( So we didn't get anyone. But we worked hard and I'm really looking forward to this next week! It's going to be good!!
Well, sorry this email is a little shorter and not as detailed as usual. It's been a crazy couple of hours here with 12 missionaries talking and trying to email. It's been fun but now it's time to get going to our zone activity. A set of missionaries got their car taken away today :( so we have to take three Elders with us wherever we go today haha
Gotta run! Love you all so much!
Love always, Sister Rachel Wheatley

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