Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No cool email title

The Big Tree Park for lunch.  Sisters Wheatley, Carrell, Allan and Staker

Well, I have no cool email title because not a whole ton happened this week. And we got back from a Sisters hike way later than we thought today because of the nasty traffic so I have to hurry and write this email.

To start off, Monday the 13th was a good day. It was the first day of the new transfer. We didn't get transferred but we had to move to a new home because there were Sisters "Pink washing" another ward and they needed to live where we were. Well, we were running around all day because I didn't think it would be crazy but it was. We were late for dinner and that wasn't cool. But we got everything done (except we had a bunch of stuff in the car for a couple days...) And later that night, Sister Staker and I went on splits again. We had three lessons to teach in two hours. It was crazy busy. But it was really good. Sister Staker went with a YW in the ward, Julie, and taught an FHE with an active family and then went to our investigators home, Pam and Amanda, and taught a lesson there about one of the YW General Broadcast talks, Be Not Moved. And she said that turned out really well. And for my lesson that night, we went to teach Jen. I felt very impressed to talk abotu Esther and the courage she needed to go talk to the King. We watched a Mormon Message about it and it was just a super powerful lesson. The Spirit was so strong!
Beautiful Christus in LA Temple Visitor's Center
Then Tuesday the 14th... Oh my gosh, crazy day! Things were going so well in the morning and then we were meeting up with our investigator Anthony and his friend Valerie and we were going to go to the temple visitors center. Well, we were supposed to leave at 2pm but we didn't even end up leaving until like 6pm. We went out to dinner together and then traffic was horrible and crazy things happened the whole day that we had to keep pushing it back. We were lucky that we didn't have any set plans all of Tuesday so we were flexible. We almost didn't go because it was just too crazy and it was getting late but as Anthony and Valerie were driving away, they stopped and then Anthony rolled down the window and said, "We just need to go today. If we don't go, Satan wins." And it was so true! Everything that was happening, was Satan's way of making it so we wouldn't go. But we defeated him and I'm so glad we did! It was late and got dark but we went and had a great time! We took a little tour in the Visitor's Center and then we just walked to the temple and touched it. I wish we could have spent more time on the grounds but because it was dark and it was already like 9pm, we had to go. But it was good that we got to go because I think that helped with Anthony's testimony. It was his decision and it was wonderful!

LA Temple Visitor's Center. Sisters Wheatley and Staker, Valerie and Anthony
Wednesday the 15th was a good day. Not much happened but we finally got to meet with our recent convert, Mackenzie. It had been a couple weeks since we saw her and it had been about a months since she came to church last, we were getting worried. But we had a great lesson with her and then told her about a 13 year old girl we met who wants to take the lessons who goes to the same middle school as Mackenzie. We asked if she would be willing to help and come to lessons with us if we get permission from her parents to teach her and Mackenzie was very enthusiastic about it! We think it will really help her in her own testimony. (Turns out they know each other and see each other every-so-often in the halls!)

That night we had dinner with the Elders, and two members in the YSA ward, Matthew and Andy. Can I just say... Couldn't stop laughing and having fun the whole time we were there! And Matthew makes delicious food! We had tacos with a delicious chicken and carne esada! DELICIOUS!!!!!! And the guacamole was to die for!

Thursday the 16th we had District Meeting. It was awesome (and kinda weird) because our district got split into two districts and now Elder Gracia is the DL over four sisters and his companion. So it's a very small district but fun! We talked about diligence and the importance of being diligent in our work. It was a very good DM.

Not much happened Friday the 17th but after a couple hours of studies and weekly planning, I needed a break so we called Sister Carrell and Sister Allan and we went out to lunch together. We just bought pizza and ate at the Big Tree Park but it was so fun! I love spending time with other Sisters, even if it was just for an hour. I love Sister Carrell! She makes me laugh so much! I decided this is going to be a very fun but dangerous transfer with the two of us :)

Saturday the 18th we spent the day tracting and visiting members. But that night we had to help out at the YSA regional activity and that was fun. We played games and it was a very small group. There were only about 20 people, if that, that showed up and we just went from room to room playing games and helping out.
Then yesterday was a wonderful day! We had a wonderful PEC were Sister Staker introduced her idea to help get the youth involved in missionary work and everyone was so on board with it! Of course the YW leader wasn't in this meeting so we had to go to another meeting later last night and introduce it to the whole YM/YW board and they also all loved it. We wanted to do it in June because that's the only "open" month without major activities but as we discussed it, everyone decided that doing it in August/Spetember would be better because of what it involves and not being in school might make it a little harder. But the cool thing about it, the Bishop now wants to do it ANNUALLY!!!! And everyone is for that. So Sister Staker's sweet-awesome idea is now going to be done every year in the Glendora 5th ward! And they are making it even better and bigger (this ward does not go small on things like this...) So she's way excited about that.
Well, yesterday in the YSA ward, our investigator Anthony came and he brought his daughter. He gets her every other weekend and he usually brings her to church or they go to the family ward. Well, when he brings her to our ward, they usually leave after sacrament or the second hour, but yesterday they stayed for all three hours PLUS the linger longer! it was awesome! I was so happy because I feel like it helped Anthony and his testimony grow. Cute Alyssa didn't want to be there but she survived and didn't complain. In fact, she gave great answers in our Gospel Principles class that we teach. So that was cool! It just made me happy that he stayed so long!

And yes, that's about all that happened this week. Not a whole ton but it was a good week! It was especially good after we pushed the Adversary out of the way and got to the temple! That just made it all better :)
Well, I have been HORRIBLE at wishing people Happy Birthday the last couple months. I'm sorry! So for all those who have had bdays and I have neglected to give you a wish, consider this my apology and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :) Love you all!

Gotta run!
Love always,
Sister Rachel Wheatley

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