Monday, June 3, 2013

Chino Hills One Last Time!

This week was such a good week! We didn't get as much accomplished as we had hoped and many things fell through but it was still a good week!

Out to lunch with Sisters Staker and Wheatley and prospective missionary,
Rachel, and the Elders
Tuesday the 28th (I couldn't believe we were four days away from June!!!) we did some service for a lady who was moving to Idaho and it was so fun. I love doing service (especially when a bunch of missionaries get together because we are able to come up with a lot of fun things to do while serving.)

Where we do our studying... it is HORRIBLE!
I want to jump in the pool!
After our service, we had a lesson with a potential investigator that has met with missionaries in the past. We met her about a month or so ago and she told us to come back after school ended so we did. We got there, got to know her a little, and then started to talk to her about why were are there. I was in the middle of my testimony when her phone rang. She looked down and said "I'm sorry, this is a phone call I've been waiting for. I have to take this." We decided to go make a couple phone calls outside and then come back in and see if she was done. We got back in and she came over and told us that she needed to reschedule because she was stressed and needed to go to the bank to get things figures out. So we talked for a couple minutes more and then said a prayer. Sadly we weren't able to teach her that much but we were glad we were able to say a prayer with her and hopefully everything will turn out the way it needs to for her.

Wednesday the 29th was good! We spent all day with a member of the YSA ward, Rachel. She's preparing to go on a mission and we needed her for a couple lessons so she decided to just spend all day with us! It was so much fun. We love Rachel! We had two lessons in the morning and then we met the Elders at the institute and then went over to Citrus college to do the booth. It wasn't a very successful day there. There was one young man who came up asking for reading materials and because we didn't have much going on while we were there, all five of us kinda gathered around him. I realized we all bombarded him so I stood back a little and took myself out of the conversation. It was going really well and then it turned kinda not so good. I won't go into any details but it was sad. I've talked to him before and thought he could potentially be an investigator but because of some things that were said, I feel like the chance was ruined. Hopefully not too badly for future but I'm sad to say, now more than likely isn't his time. :(
The best mission President EVER--
he bought all of us Slurpees after Zone Conference!

A couple weeks ago I went in to talk to President Becerra and after we were done, he was talking to Sister Staker and I both and he was giving us some ideas for finding. He told us that if we were smart, we'd take an hour of our day, a couple days a week, and go to Walmart of Target to "get a drink" because it's so hot out and go finding there. Look at our surroundings and just talk to people. Obviously we can't proselyte in Walmart or Target but we can talk to people and say things to them that will put "a bug in their ears" about the gospel. They will see our tags and something will come from it. So that's what we did on Wednesday night. We spent an hour with Rachel at Walmart and it was actually kind of fun. We talked to a few people and it's something that Sister Staker and I will start doing more often!

Thursday the 30th we did more service for a family in our family ward who are moving to Hawaii! Lucky family! And that's pretty much all. We had to do some weekly planning on Thursday because we were having zone conference on Friday in CHINO HILLS!!! :) And that leads me to my next day...

Sister Staker and I with our slurpees!
Friday the 31st was a good day! I went back to my place of birth! I was so happy! As we were driving, it felt so normal to be driving back to Chino Hills haha I know, that sounds weird. But it's true! We got there early and so I decided to drive past Momma J's house. I really wanted to stop and say hi (her front door was open) but I knew I probably shouldn't. But I was very tempted. Then we got to the stake center and it was just weird to be back there. So many fun memories of Pdays, District Meetings, tons of stuff! Fun to think back on things for a few hours.

Our zone conference was REALLY good! We talked a lot about prayer, repentance, and how the Lord is hastening the work. I got a lot of really awesome revelation during the conference! I was so happy!

Then during lunch, we opened the doors to the hall to get food and it was funny because there were a couple former missionaries standing out in the hall Hayden McKee, Jake Leausa, and another one (I think it was Elder Mackay or something like that, I never knew him...) It was cool to see some old missionaries there. They were here for the week and they found out about our zone conference so they showed up. haha I didn't talk to them very much but it was funny because I was talking to Leausa and he's on the institute board at UVU and he said when he got home, he was looking at the missionary wall and he saw my picture and he was like "What the Wheatley?!" haha Ok, that's what I would say but since I'm writing this email, I'll say it my way :) So I thought that was kinda funny! It was just fun to see them again.

All of my companions (except Davo :(  at Zone Conference
Well, to make a very long but very good zone conference short, I'll just end it there. We decided to go chill in the chapel for the last part of our conference because it was getting hot and then President told us "OK, it's really hot in here. And because it's really hot, after we are done here, is there a 7-11 around because I'll take you all to get a Slurpee! What the heck yes!! We were all totally excited! So it ended, we all waited around for President to do some interviews and then he met 30 missionaries at the 7-11 and bought us all Slurpee's!! It was awesome!

And to be honest, that's pretty much all that happened this week. It was a good week even though it didn't turn out exactly how we had hoped.

Just wanted to say thank you to Amanda Parrott for her letter this week!

Gotta run! Love you all so much!

Love always, Sister Wheatley
Guess what I received?  My "pre-trunks" papers --
basically tells me I have 3 months left on my mission!

The Goddards and me!  Love them!

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