Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Alright, not a WHOLE TON happened this week but it was a wonderful week!

Tuesday the 4th we had a lesson with Anthony before he was baptized! We went over the baptism interview questions and he bore his testimony to us during some of the questions and it was AWESOME!!!! To see him from the very beginning and the change that he made in his life, just incredible! He has such a strong testimony! He's going to be a very wonderful addition to any ward that he is ever in.

Sisters Staker and Wheatley, Anthony and Sister Amataga
Then after a couple other things that day, we went to a baseball game! Yes, a baseball game! I was so excited! Granted... It was for 7 and 8 year olds but it was still a baseball game!!! haha It was for our recent convert/part member family. One of the sons was in the finals for their league and to support, we got to go for 30 minutes. It was awesome! Tommy (the 8 year old boy) is awesome! He's a great baseball player. I really enjoyed it! But the reason we went wasn't just to go to a game. It was to show support and sincere interest in their family. This family is right on the edge and we just are trying to help them and do anything for them. I love this family and I can honestly see them all in white in the next couple years.

Then to end off the night, we had another lesson with Anthony where we just watched the movie, The Testaments. We wanted him to see a little more about what the Book of Mormon is about so that he can understand it a little better. So that was fun!

Wednesday the 5th was a good day! We met up with a Sister from the YSA ward, Esli, who is leaving on her mission next month and she spent the day with us. We did the booth at Citrus College and were about to go home for lunch when I felt like we needed to go to see Sister Snay in the G5 ward. I was pretty hungry so I almost just went home but would have ended up feeling really bad because when we got to her house she was outside with her daughters dog. We went up to see her and right away she said that she was locked out of her house. OH NO!!!! I'm so glad I listened to the Spirit telling us to go see her. So we spent a while outside her house trying to find someone in the ward to see if they could get us in somehow (all the windows have window stops so we couldn't get in...) But no one was answering or available so we decided that we better go to the church until her daughter go home at about 2:45pm. It was a long time to spend with her but it was worth it! I know she needed it and loved it!

Me in a Smart Car!!! One of my biggest dreams ;)

Sister Staker, Esli (from YSA Ward who is going on her mission next month), Sister Snay from the G5 ward and me
We got into a couple less-active/part-member family homes this week which was awesome because they have been families we have been trying to work with for forever and it was just awesome!

Thursday the 6th was a not so fun evening. We went over to our investigators house, Jen, to say goodbye. She and her husband, Andrew, are moving :( I was so sad! I didn't cry because she told me not to but it was hard. Miracles have happened with her and I'm just bummed that I can't be there to teach her more. I have to get her mailing address and call the missionaries out there. She said she'd email or call me when she gets baptized and I'm really looking forward to that! She said it will be before I go home so I'm counting on that! Jen has been one of the best people I have ever met. She has helped me through so much since I started teaching her. I'm going to miss teaching her and getting to know her but I'm glad that we live in a day and age where it's easy to communicate with people!

I guess I'll just hurry and go to what happened yesterday, Sunday the 9th! It was ANTHONY'S BAPTISM!!!! It was amazing! We had to push it back a couple times but I honestly think that it was the best day to have a baptism. His testimony is so incredible! We were sitting there before his baptism and he asked, "Why am I so scared?" I about jumped for joy when he asked us that question. The reason is because he was gaining an even greater testimony. Just sitting there talking to him about things and helping him through his "fears" was just a true testimony builder to me. And the baptism was so powerful! The Spirit was so dang strong! I loved it! To see Anthony in the font was amazing! The light he has in his eyes is incredible! He is just a totally different person then I remember teaching five months ago.

I have really enjoyed teaching Anthony and seeing his testimony grow. And I'm going to be looking forward to that the rest of my mission. I made a goal with myself to have nine baptisms before I go home (this was back in January.) Not that numbers are the important things but I have five out of nine baptisms. I hope and pray that as we work hard and diligently, we will be blessed. Not just to get a baptism but because this work and this gospel is so important and special to me that I want others to have what I have. I'm so thankful to be out here on my mission at this time in my life. This week I'm starting a "newness of life" and I'm going to work harder than ever before! I know this church is true! I love this work and and so thankful that I'm out here right now at this time in my life.

I love you all so very much!

Love always,

Sister Rachel Wheatley

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