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 Good morning everyone!

Well, this week wasn't the best week ever. We had all our lessons get cancelled :( I've realized on my mission that when you have a really good week, a hard week follows soon after. Or vice-versa. It's not fun! But that's the way I've seen my mission so I'm not getting bummed, we just keep working hard and we know that good things will come!

So to start off, last Monday the 14th was transfers. We had to go to Arcadia to pick up our car that had been in the shop over the weekend and it was nice to be able to go last Monday because we were able to see the missionaries that were leaving. It's sad every six weeks to see your friends go home. But it was good to say bye. I was sad because Sister Filimoehala went home and she was the first missionary, besides my trainer Sister Davidson, that I met out here in California. But I'm glad that I got to know her. She has an incredible story that I got to hear a little about and I'm glad she chose to serve a mission. She taught me a lot! I was lucky enough to be able to spend a couple days with her and Sister Lehman when Sister Davidson was going to zone council meetings. So that was nice!

Sister Wheatley, Stephany and Sister Amataga
Then on Tuesday the 15th, that was a pretty cool day! We were supposed to meet up with a Sister, Stephany, from the YSA ward to have lunch with her, teach her, and then she was going to come out with us for the rest of the day. Well, we were supposed to meet up at noon but she got called into work until 2pm so we pushed it back a little. So we decided to go to Citrus college to do the booth again. The Elders were busy in the morning but were going to come in the afternoon. So we picked up the supplies from the ZL's and went over to Citrus. It was super quiet the whole time we were there but we got to talk to a couple people. Then all these teenage foreign exchange students gathered right next to our booth and were loud. So Sister Amataga and I just sat back and waited til they were gone because there was really no point in talking to people when these kids were around. And it was interesting because as we were sitting there, I was texting the Elders and all of a sudden this college age kid comes up to us, HE came up to US!, and asked us about the church. He said he wanted to be a pastor and all this stuff and it was a really good conversation. Well, I asked if he wanted us to call him sometime to take a church tour and he said that he was available right then. Well, Sister Amataga and I couldn't leave the booth and we couldn't take him on a tour without another female so I called the ZL's who I knew were on their way to the church across the street to see where they were. They had just parked so I told them we were sending someone over for a tour. So I told them what he looked like and this kid, Randall, headed towards the church. We saw the Elders walking over to meet him and then an hour later the Elders were done! Oh my heck! The Elders had such a good tour with Randall that he gave the Elders his cigarettes and told them he wanted to stop some horrible addictions that he had. It was incredible! It was a totally good tour for the Elders! We wanted it to be our tour and our new investigator but after talking to the Elders, we let them keep him. I guess it doesn't matter who is teaching him as long as he's being taught by missionaries!

Well, while the Elders were on this tour with Randall, we were sitting down because class was in session and there was no one around and all of a sudden, another kid just walks up to us wanting to know more about the church! What the, really?? It made us so happy! And this kid, Jeremy, had so many questions for us that are exactly what we talk about in our lessons. So we asked if he wanted to take a tour but he had to go to class so we set up a tour for tomorrow! So we are excited! It was supposed to be today but he got called into work. But tomorrow should be good!

Then we spent the day with Stephany from the YSA ward and went to lunch and had a lesson with her. The lesson was basically on the Plan of Salvation and conversion. It was so good! We were all in tears! It was good. We love Stephany and are so happy that she hasn't had her after baptism lessons yet so that we can teach her haha :)

HUGE tree in Glendora, California!
Then that night we went to visit a new family in the ward, the Ding's. They showed up at church last week and thought that it started at 12:30pm. Well, no one knew it but they are less active members. They have lived in the ward for 2 years but we didn't have their records. I guess where they came from they were inactive so when they moved, their church records didn't move with them. So we went to see them and see if they wanted to investigate the church or if they were members. So that was cool to meet with them. They came to church again yesterday so it's awesome!

Alright, this email is getting long for not having much to do this week. But on Thursday the 17th we went to visit a less active who's birthday was that day, Tom. We go see him every so often and have good conversations with him. Sad to hear though, that his brother who lives in Utah passed away on the 1st of January and he was having a hard time with it. He has a hard time understanding why bad things happen to good people. We try to read scriptures with him and help him understand but he doesn't want to pray about what we say because he doesn't feel like it'll help. So we do all that we can but he has to choose to do his part too. But we do enjoy going over there and talking to him. He never fails to ask what time church is whenever we go over there so hopefully one day he will come back!

Then on Friday the 18th, we walked for a couple/few hours. As we were walking past McDonald's, it was pretty hot and we didn't have water or food and Sister Amataga and I were hungry and thirsty. So we wanted to go in and get us a McFlurry or Sundae. We aren't the richest missionaries so we decided to just keep walking ;) Over by McDonald's  there's a less active family that live close and we wanted to try and meet them. So as we were walking up the driveway, and a little girl comes down the sidewalk. Turns out this is a daughter and she was going out to sale Girl Scout cookies. We talked to her for a couple minutes and then Sister Amataga and I asked how much a box of cookies would be and she said $4. I turned to S. Amataga and we decided that we would both buy one box. So we put down our name and asked when they would be but she didn't know. So we went up to her door and this little girl knocked on the door to ask her mom. So we got to talk to the mom for a minute and we asked when we could come pick them up and she said February 8th. Then the mom said that when we come back to pick them up, we can come in and get to know them. What the?! No way!!  We were so happy!

Then we left and walked down another road when all of a sudden we hear a car horn and a lady yell out "Hey, I know those two girls!" We turned and it was Auntie Pam, our investigator! So she pulled off to the side of the road and we talked for 30 minutes about so much, repentance, faith, life. It was just a wonderful conversation! Plus, Auntie Pam had in her car, her daughters new scripture set and a book called Sunshine for the Latter-day Saint Womens Soul. So that was cool to see! She said that she's been reading a lot of the scriptures and taking notes and really enjoying them. It's so cool to see that she is really clinging to the gospel!

So, as much as we really wanted to stop and get ice cream and a drink, we were blessed for not stopping! It was so nice!

Man, there's so much more I want to write about now that I've gotten started but we don't have much more time, the Elders just called wondering when we'd be done... So I'll hurry...

with Elder and Sister Kasteler who work in the mission office and leave next month (February)
Saturday the 19th we went to visit anther less active, Josie. We love Josie! We go over there every so often and we love talking to her. She's 81 years old, super skinny, and super active. She doesn't slow down for anything! But while we were there, we found out that she lost her job as the manager at the apartments she lives in. She's been working there for 20 years. So she is really sad because that also means she has to move out. They are moving her to a senior home but she's not happy. She's worried now because since she won't have a job and doesn't have to worry about anything anymore, she's worried she's going to start getting old. So that's been hard for her! But it was nice to be able to go see her and talk to her for a bit. But I'm worried now for her because I don't know how much longer she's going to be around because she'll go from work work work to nothing. But she's lived a good, long life and hopefully she'll find someway to keep active and young :)

Well, like I said, the Elders want to come over now so I have to end. Not much more happened this weekend. I guess the week turned out pretty good for having all our lessons get cancelled.

Thank you to my cousin Sister Mariah Wheatley for your letter that I received this week! I can't believe you come home next month! Wow!! That 18 months went fast. I still remember our conversation that we had on your couch at your farewell. Thank you for giving me the courage to start my mission papers! It's been so fun to serve a mission with you, even though we are half way around the world from each other. Love ya!

Happy Birthday this week to my cousin Chad Tharp. I think that's the only birthday this week. And last week I think I forgot to mention happy birthday to my cousin Richard Woodland, hope your bday was good!

Before I end though, I've been emailing back and forth to mom and she says that I have "VERY faithful followers" of my blog. So I just wanted to say thank you! It means a lot to me to know that people are reading my blog and enjoying my letters. Thanks for all your love and support everyone! I can feel the prayers and the support. Love you all so much!

Until next week,

Love always,

Sister Wheatley!

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