Monday, January 28, 2013

Good week!

Hello everyone!
Not a whole ton happened again this week BUT it was a good week! It started out on Monday the 21st when we had a zone activity and we played Volleyball! I feel like I haven't been to a zone activity in FOREVER! So I was very happy and it was so much fun.
Riding a bike...this might actually be happening in the coming months with so many new missionaries coming out.!
Then that night we went to the Hyer's for dinner and then had a FHE lesson with them and our investigators Pam and Amanda. It was such a good lesson. We watched a little Mormon Messages video about the Restoration and then had a very good discussion about it. It's been nice to have these family nights each week with the Hyer's, Pam, and Amanda. They are all so wonderful! Tonight we go back to do another one and we are also celebrating both Sister Amataga's birthday and Amanda's, so we are excited!
Then on Tuesday the 22nd we had a good day! We went back over to Citrus college (which I love doing now) and put up our booth. After that we met up with Sister Edginton who just returned from serving at the LA Temple Family History Center, and we went out with her to invite a couple of the older members of our ward to the Temple Prep class that she started yesterday.  It was very nice to go with her.  We went to see Brother Paul, who we go visit every-so-often, and we had a good conversation with him. He is a wonderful man but sadly doesn't come to church anymore.  While there, Sister Amataga and I had to meet up with a girl in our ward that Sister Amataga was going to go on splits with and I was going to be with Sister Edginton and when I walked back to Brother Paul and Sister Edginton, they were just finishing up and we left. As we were driving, Sister Edginton told me a little about their conversation after we left and she said it was really good. Brother Paul has a hard time getting down on his knees and praying so they talked about that for the most part. I'm glad that Sister Amataga and I had to leave for a quick second so that they could have a good conversation. (Sadly he didn't come to church yesterday but maybe this invitation was a big step for him coming back.)
Me and Becky and Mike
Also that night, we had a lesson with the Moon family. Brother Moon and his three children haven't been to church in many years and Sister Moon is not yet a member. We go to their house every couple weeks to see how they are doing but we haven't been able to sit down with them and have a lesson with them since November. So it was really nice to have a lesson with them. In November we read from 3 Nephi 11 in the Book of Mormon and talked about what it takes to make Christ more apart of our lives. As we were trying to decide what to teach them this time around, I felt like we should continue to talk about 3 Nephi 11 and talk this time about how Christ give Nephi the power and authority to baptize and that's the first thing Christ asks Nephi and others to do, baptize everyone, before rebuilding their city after it's destruction. So we talked about how we need to make Christ a priority in each of our lives. We had a very good and powerful discussion and at the end we asked Sister Moon if she wants to be baptized. She said that's her goal but she has things she needs to work on first. We asked if there's anything we can do but she said that she has to work on these things herself, which we totally respect. All we can do now is pray for her. We have another lesson with them tomorrow and we'll see how that goes. They are a great family and I can see them going to the temple next year. We just hope and pray that she has strength to get over the things that are holding her back.
World famous Donut Man donuts
Wednesday the 23rd was a good day. We spent most of the morning walking around a neighborhood and passing out The Mormons Next Door fliers (a presentation that the Glendora stake President, President O'Bryant, and President Becerra are doing in February.) As we were walking we met this older man (he reminded me a lot of Grandpa K) and we had a good conversation with him about the Bible and Christ.
Later that day we had a church tour with a new investigator for the singles ward. We were supposed to have a tour with him on Tuesday and that's why we were going on splits but he got there super early and when we weren't there, he left... So we rescheduled of Wednesday and it was such a good tour. He, Jeremy, has been through a lot the last few years and was put in jail for six months and while there, like lots of people, he found God and realized that he wants to change his ways. So when we met him at Citrus, he was very happy to set up a tour with us. And it was a good tour too! The Spirit was very present and he asked so many questions. We are meeting with him again this week. We are sad though because he didn't make it to church yesterday because of work. So that was sad. But hopefully he can make it this next week!
Movie Star Sisters according to Mike
Then that night also, we had a really good conversation with a less-active that we haven't been able to see in a little over a month. She is struggling with the death of her husband a year ago and we are trying to help her understand that she doesn't have to be sad because through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power and authority in the temple, we can be with our loved ones for eternity. It was just wonderful to have a good conversation with her. We are coming back this week and hoping that we can get her to come to church this next week. We know that she won't get all the answers to her prayers unless she reads, prays, and comes to church to renew her baptismal covenants. So that's something that we are working on her with.
Not much happened on Thursday the 24th except for that we got a call from our Zone Leaders in the morning and they told us we were changing districts! I was so happy! We are in a district with missionaries from a totally different stake than ours and it's hard to coordinate things with the missionaries in the Glendora stake when we aren't ever with them. So we are happy! And Elder Bucholz is the district leader there. I served with him in Chino Hills (along with a couple of the other Elders in our district) and it's just like old times haha He is a great DL and the Spirit was really strong. Sister Amataga and I both learned some things that we really needed to hear that helped us with the work the rest of the week. It was wonderful!
Not much happened on Friday the 25th or Saturday the 26th. Saturday was Sister Amataga's birthday so we went to lunch with Becky and Mike and had a good time. Then we did some service at the Salisbury's and then had dinner at the Benson's. (We had dinner at the Benson's on my birthday also. Sister Benson didn't do that on purpose but it was funny!) But later in the evening Sister Amataga wasn't feeling very well so we called it a night early and went home and were in bed by 9:30pm. Super early!
Then we had a pretty good Sabbath. Yesterday (the 27th) we had Fast Sunday in the Glendora stake because next week we are having stake conference. Our zone did a zone fast for the work to have more success. It was awesome to know that there were about 20 of us fasting for the same thing. It was very powerful and I know that good things will be happening in our zone in the next couple weeks!
Then after the YSA ward, we ended early and had a baptism for a kid that the Elders have been teaching over the last month. His name is Andy and he just randomly showed up one day to church and asked the Elders to teach him. He is a very incredible young man. It was a very good baptismal service too.
And that's about all that happened this week. I realized that I just shouldn't say at the beginning of my letters that a ton didn't happen during the week because I write long letters! haha But it was a good week! We have a couple potential investigators that we are going to contact this week and we will see where we go with that! We are so excited! Things are going well in both the Glendora 5th and Glendora 6th YSA wards.
Thank you to the Hofhein's this week for your letters, cards, and gift card! We already enjoyed a wonderful Wendy's lunch :)
Sister Amataga's birthday lunch with Mike and Becky
And for birthdays for the week, Happy Birthday to Mary Ann Livovich, Stephanie Kuznicki and her daughter Alyssa Palm. Hope you all have wonderful days!
Love you all so much! Until next week, peace out! :)
Love, Sister Wheatley

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