Monday, April 16, 2012

It's been a much better week!

I can't believe it's been another week! It went super fast! And not a whole bunch happened this week. We made a lot of visits to members homes to get to know them better. We also made some stops at less actives/inactive members home. It's nice getting to know the people in the Carbon
Canyon ward. They are very amazing people! I'm glad that this is my first area.

Well, unlike last week, this week has been better. On Friday the 13th, Sister Davidson and I met with President Becerra and it was something that we both needed so much! After the week we had last week, we just needed some words of encouragement and we definitely got them! President Becerra is an incredible man. While we were talking, tears were shed of course,
but he said some things that I hadn't told anyone!! You can tell he is an inspired man! And I'm so greatful for him. He gave both Sister Davidson and I blessings and those really helped! I've always known that my Father in Heaven loves me, but after what President said, I know now more than ever that Heavenly Father loves me and He knows my needs, and wants, and He will help me through. It's amazing! I just felt so much better after our meeting.

Also on Friday, there was a major rain storm! It was so cool because I LOVE rain storms but driving back from Arcadia was a little scary. We could barely see 100 feet in front of us. But everyone on the freeway was going super slow so that was nice. President Becerra said that the rain would be the perfect time to go out tracting! haha I really didn't want to because I would
have rather stayed in and studied or something but we went out. It was incredible because after such an amazing meeting with President, I think Sister Davidson and I had more faith than ever. We went out happy and trusting in the Lord that we would be led to people who were being prepared for us. There were a couple people who we talked to that weren't interested but there was this one lady, Christie, who after we told her we were missionaries and that what we had to share would bless her and her family, she asked us if and when there were classes that she could take! It was so cool! So we are going to meet with her tomorrow (Tuesday) and see what happens from there. I can tell that she has been prepared. We just have to have faith that there are people here for us! And I do have faith, but sometimes it can be a little discouraging. But when we get people like Christie, it just reminds me even more that I'm here for a reason!

Also on Friday night I felt like we should go knock on this home and so we did. These people are members of the Calvary Chapel church. Calvary Chapel is a very big church in this town. We started to share our message and then they cut us off and said that we needed to find out for
ourselves if what we were teaching is true (sounds like the same lady we met a couple weeks ago huh...) So we once again shared our testimonies. They were very closed and said that Joseph Smith is just some dude that read the Bible and decided to write another book like the Bible that was full of lies. We asked if they had read it and they said they had and that it wasn't true. I
asked if they had prayed about it and they said no. So at that point I asked how could they know it's a lie if they didn't even pray about it, they didn't have an answer. It's sad that so many people say that the Book of Mormon is a false book, yet they don't take the time to read and pray about it. You can't force anyone but it's sad! You can't judge a book by it's cover, I've learned that time and time again.

On Friday night we had dinner with the Brock family (their son just got back from the Utah Provo mission). We had been talking about referals and things during dinner and Brother Brock said that he NEVER gives referals. We have been taught that the best way to find people to teach is through members, so when he said that, my hopes kinda dropped. I didn't give up all hope but he is a very firm man so I wasn't really sure what would happen. For our message that night, we decided to share the reasons that Sister Davidson and I decided to serve missions. Sister Davidson went first and we cried and then I went. I looked over at Brother Brock while I was talking and he was crying!!! I didn't know what was happening! haha At the end of my testimony he gave us THREE referals! I couldn't believe it! Miracles do happen!!! It was incredible! His kids and his wife were totally surprised! His kids even asked him, "Dad, why didn't you ever give referals to the Elders?!" It was just amazing! Now we just really have to treat those referrals well and pray hard! We don't want to let him down!

Oh, on Tuesday the 10th, Sister Davidson wasn't feeling well so we went to the Campbell's home to see if Sister Campbell knew what to do. Anyway, while we were there, President Becerra called and said that he had been thinking about us and really wanted to know what he could do to help us get investigators. It was really nice to have him call us. Sister Davidson said that it is very rare when President just calls missionaries to see how we are. So that was really nice! And because he called us, we felt like we could call him when we were having a rough time this week so that's how we got a meeting with him!

Yesterday (Sunday) we were asked by the Primary chorister, Sister Zdunich, to come in for singing time, so we did. She had all the kids stand in a circle and we went around and touched each one of the kids on their shoulders. This was because they were learning a song, If The Savior Stood Beside Me, and she wanted them to know what it was like to have someone super famous stand beside them. It was so cute! Especially with the little kids, they just loved it! We felt like major celebrities. Who knew being on a mission I would become a celebrity LOL :) It was a lot of fun!

So one night I had some Grasshopper cookies and so I of course had to have some milk with it and since I don't share my milk with anyone, I just drank straight from the carton. It was funny because Momma J looked over and freaked out and said, "You're drinking right out of the
carton?!" haha It was probably more funny being there but it was funny! haha She said that she has never seen anyone do that before. I just laughed!

Well, not a whole ton happened this week, just a lot of tracting and visiting members. So I don't think this week I'll write another letter home. I have so many that I have to write that I think only an email this week (sorry mom LOL) But next week we are going to the Temple on Tuesday so that will be our Pday, instead of Monday. We go to the temple 2 times a year so I'm excited to go next week. I wish we could go more but all the temples are kinda far from us :( But at least we get to go!

We had a service project today at a ladies house in the ward. She's 96ish and she's still going strong! It's awesome, so there's a picture from that. Also, I am eating healthy food mom, picture to prove it :)

And just other pictures of the beautiful city I serve in! Just gorgeous! And the walk sign, it's actually a doorbell at a members home haha Well, I forgot my birthday list in the car but I think I saw that birthdays this week are Uncle Mike, Uncle Dennis, Dallin, and Brianna... If I got that wrong, forgive me :) And also Happy Birthday to Liz (Poops ;) ) I hope you all have a wonderful birthday!

I'll write again next week! Love you all so much! Thanks for all your love, support and prayers, I can really feel the prayers being said.

Love always,
Sister Rachel Wheatley

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