Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HERE YOU GO...more news from Sister Wheatley

Hello family (and friends!).

Well, it's my first week in 'sunny southern California,"
except for the fact that it's been kinda gloomy and it RAINED, twice!!! I
thought it wasn't supposed to rain! LOL JK But I was a little bummed that the
weather was kinda weird. But it's ok, it will get better! Hopefully this week

First of all, General Conference was AMAZING! Every talk was
incredible! And of course my favorite were Elder Hollands and Elder Eyrings!
Just incredible! The spirit was so nice too. I just love General Conference.
I'm sad that it was over so quickly :( I guess I can wait another six months ;)

Well, I know that mom is probably dying to know about my
companion and other things so here I go. If I don't get it all written in the
email, I'll write a letter later today and send it home...

My trainers name is Sister Davidson. She's a really sweet
sister! She has such a strong testimony and I am learning so much from her. She
is super patient with me as I learn all these new things and that's really
nice. She grew up in South Jordan, Utah but moved to Houston, Texas a few years
ago. She did live in Provo for a couple years before her mission going to
school at BYU of course haha She has been out for almost 7 months I think she
said... So she's almost half done. She says that she feels like she just got

Sister Davidson and I got assigned to the Carbon Canyon
ward/area. There were Elders here before us so we are white washing the area.
That has been a little rough for us. Not really knowing where the boundaries
are or who to go teach. We of course have maps and ward lists and former
investigators progress records and stuff but it's a little hard not having
appointments and stuff already set up. We really have to pray a ton and follow
the Spirit as to where to go. We found out that there have not been Sisters in
the ward for almost 10 years! Crazy! So there must be a reason why we are here
and I'm so thankful for this opportunity we have to start a new!

We live with a member in the Diamond Bar ward which is about
10 minutes from Carbon Canyon (the city is Chino.) Her name is Sister Jamentz,
or Momma J. She's a really sweet lady. She and her husband are converts, not
sure of how long though. He husband passed away a few years ago so it's just
her. She almost didn't have missionaries staying there anymore but she talked
to President Becerra a couple weeks ago and said how much she loves having the
Sisters stay with her.

The first night I got here, Tuesday, since we are white
washing, we didn't have the Area Book yet so we were able to go to Momma J's
and unpack and get settled. It was nice because it had been such a long day and
I was super tired. Sadly though, once we got there and were unpacking and
stuff, I got super hot and started to shake and I was not feeling very good.
But I kept unpacking so I wasn't getting any better but I finally decided to
lay down. I rested for about 30 minutes hoping to get lots more energy and
feeling better but I didn't. So I just decided I should probably go to bed. It
probably happened because I hadn't had much water to drink but I grabbed
some and had a whole water bottle before I went to bed. So by the morning I was
much better. I had a headache in the morning but it wasn't too bad. I just had
to eat and things were better.

We drove around our area that day figuring out where we
could go and stuff and it's a super nice area! We are so excited to get to work
and meet people and teach them about the true Gospel of Jesus Christ! It's a
pretty big area but it's good!

In this ward we are lucky because the lady that sets up
dinners for the missionaries is super persistant when it comes to asking people
to feed us! I guess she basically runs them down at church with her calendar
and says "What day you feed missionaries?!" (She's a cute little lady
from Taiwan!) So we have dinners with members almost EVERY night! It's so nice!
Yesterday we didn't have dinner with members but the rest of the week we had!
It's really cool!

Well, I swear this time went super fast, or I just write too
much about things... Either way, time is running out and I have to send off my
letter to the President so I better go! I was going to attach pictures but left
my camera in the car so I'll just send my SD card home with the letter I will

Love you all so much! I really can't thank you all enough
for the love and support and prayers that I feel. This work is going forth and
I'm so thankful that I have the chance to be apart of it! I know that the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ's true church restored
back on this earth today! I know that Joseph Smith was called as a Prophet of
God to restore it! I know that Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet
today, called of God! If I didn't know these things to be true, I wouldn't be
here in the California Arcadia misson right now!
I just want everyone to come
to know of it's truthfulness and to Come Unto Christ!

Love always and forever,
Sister Rachel Anna Wheatley

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