Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day (Yesterday)

Sorry this email is late but this morning all 29 sister missionaries got together with Sister Becerra and we went on a hike! And it was SO much fun! So now I gotta hurry and write this...

Monday the 5th was a good day! We didn't do much. Lots of letter writing and grocery shopping! But we did get up super early and had to be at the Stake Center by 5:50am to teach the seminary class! That was fun! We taught about gossip. And it was really cool! One of the seminary teachers, Sister Whitworth, is in our ward and she was so excited to have us come and teach her class! And besides having to get up super early, it was really fun :)

Then Tuesday the 6th was AMAZING!!! It was Zone Conference! I always look forward to conferences! They are just a full day of inspiration! We learned a lot about unity and faith. We have an amazing mission President! And the Assistants are incredible too! I left the church that day feeling like things are going to be different and better! The more we work together, the better it will be! And I always knew that but this was just a nice little reminder.

And that night was hard to be out doing anything because of the election. At one point we were walking up to this house and I told Sister Butler... "Why do I feel like Obama is going to win tonight?" And then we got home and Sister Beck was on the phone with her son and I hear him say "I'll let you go so you can break the news to the Sisters." Dang it! Why did I have to be right? But you know what? The good thing about this is that no matter what the outcome was, we as Americans just need to work together and be strong! We can be happy if we want to be! Good things can come from whoever the President of the USA is.

Sisters Wheatley and Butler in front of their door sign
Thursday the 8th (Sam's 18th birthday!!!) was a good day! The only thing that stands out to me was that we went to visit a less-active and had a very good conversation. We had tried to get to see her a couple times but she was never answering her phone but on Wednesday, Sister Butler was like "I'm going to call Sister Bowman." And she answered! So cool! So we set up an appointment to see her on Wednesday. It was really interesting because she asks the same things to everyone that comes to see her... It's always about gays and the Priesthood. So we answered her questions the best we could but also told her that this week we would go and study more. And the rest of the time with her was really nice! We got to know her and learn about things that happened in her life and it was just really good! Then we sang For the Beauty of the Earth for her and the Spirit was so strong there! The sad thing though, is that she said she probably wouldn't come to church for a while. She doesn't like to commit to things. But she said that she knows she needs to go to church. And she even told us that she has absolutely no excuse for not coming. It's sad to know that she has a testimony of the Book of Mormon but struggles with a few things that she says she feels like she needs to get answered before she comes back to church and that she has no excuse for not coming. We'll just have to keep going over to see her and help her to come back to church and renew her baptismal covenants!

On Saturday the 10th, that was a good day! We got to talk to a lot of less-actives! There was this one family that we've been trying to see for a couples weeks but the wife works as a nurse so it's hard to tell when she will be home. But we went by their house Saturday morning and Brother Lupton said that his wife would be back that afternoon so we could stop by later. We had forgotten until later in the evening so we hurried over there praying that they would be home! And they were! So we went in and talked to them for about an hour. The Spirit was so strong in their home. They talk as if they are active and it just breaks my heart to know what they are missing by not coming to church. They were sealed in the temple with their daughters and now neither of their daughters go to church. I just wish that this didn't happen to people. Going to church and renewing your baptismal covenants is so important! I have a feeling that they feel guilty but being gone for so long, it's hard for them to come back. And I wish I could tell them that it's not hard. I wish I could just plop them right in the middle of sacrament meeting and help them to feel comfortable. I guess that's when we just have to be there to help in small ways that will eventually lead to reactivation. And the ward is amazing so I know that they will be welcoming. As we were getting ready to leave, we asked them what their favorite hymn was and Sister Lupton chose 'A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.' And oh my goodness! What a powerful song that was! Sister Lupton started to cry. The Spirit was so strong!

Sister Butler and Sister Wheatley - Glendora, California
Then on Sunday the 11th, we went to choir practice early in the morning and then went to Ward Council! The ward is so amazing! We came up with many ways to help the work progress in the area. I am looking forward to being here for a while, helping and being a missionary here! Everyone is so happy to do missionary work! It's amazing!

Then on Sunday, Sister Butler and I sang in Relief Society. The teacher yesterday, Sister Cisneros asked us to sing 'If the Savior Stood Beside Me.' I love that song! It makes me think about things that I'm doing, would I do them around the Savior? It's interesting to think about things I need to change in my life that I would never do if the Lord stood beside me. Because really, He is standing beside each of us everyday!

Well, that's about all that happened this week. It was a very good week! I can't believe that we are already on the 4th week of the transfer. And we are almost half way through November (Sister Butler would get mad at me for saying that since it's only the 12th LOL) Time is flying by! But it's good!

Gotta run and email President Becerra! Time goes to fast when you're on the computer emailing! haha Hope everyone is having a good day! Love you all so much! Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Love always, Sister Wheatley

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