Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

WOW!!! Monday is finally here! This was one of the longest weeks ever, I swear! haha But we figured out it's because we had all of our appointments cancel this week :( But it was still a good, but long week! So now to let you know what happened...

Mom asked that I send silly pictures -- is this what she meant?
More silly pictures for Mom!
Mom--is this silly enough for you?
Monday the 12th was such an AWESOME day! We had a Sisters Hike, like I mentioned last week. All 29 of us Sisters got together with Sister Becerra and we had so much fun! Not going to lie though... When I saw Sister Davidson (my trainer) it was really weird! haha We hadn't seen each other in 10 weeks so it was kinda trippy. But it was nice to see her again! I have missed her as my companion. But I have also loved my other companions so that's good! But we met up at the church at 9am and then drove to where we were hiking (I forgot what it was called but it was somewhere in Monrovia...) It took us about 30 minutes of so to hike to the water fall but it was fun! And after the hike, we went back to this members house and had brunch and we just got to all sit around together and talk. There was so much laughing and smiles and it was just.... fun! haha It was a much needed Sisters day!

MTC comps -- Sisters Wheatley and Lehman
Then on Tuesday the 13th we had a church tour with our new investigator, Linda. She had been taught a couple times by missionaries in the past but stopped taking the lessons. But we felt like we should go back over and talk to her. And she was very happy to go on a church tour. It was a very good tour and the Spirit was there! She goes to the Lutheran church here but is open to learning about other religions. So after the tour we stood around and talked for a few minutes and were able to set up another appointment with her for next week after Thanksgiving.

Sisters Butler and Wheatley and their BIG EYES
Also on Tuesday, we went over to our Ward Mission Leaders house and did service for them! We got to wear pants! Heck to the yeah! haha We helped them trim their bushes in their backyard and that was fun. Who know I'd have fun trimming bushes (shhh... Don't tell Dad ;) We love the Butler's. They are this older couple and are super cute! And we had fun over there!

Study, study, study!
Then on Wednesday the 14th, Thursday the 15th, and Friday the 16th we did even more service! Which meant pants again!!! LOL Wednesday we went over to the Vanwyk's and pulled weeds in their front yard. It's mid-November and we could still work out in the yard... Never thought I'd be able to do yard work in November haha Brother Vanwyk is from the Netherlands and I found out that at the local super markert, they sell Stroopwafels. Not a good thing... I think I might have to get me some for a birthday gift to myself next month :) Then on Thursday we did service at the Crawford's and helped Sister Crawford paint their front room! And that was tons of fun! I never knew that I would like painting so much! It's so relaxing! :) But we had tons of fun there. Sister Crawford joined the church about eight years or so and her husband joined about three years ago or so. They are a very awesome family. They are working toward a Temple Sealing sometime next year. So that's exciting for their family! (They have two young girls also.) Then on Friday we did service at the Lindstrom's. Sister Lindstrom got sick while she was in Idaho so she wasn't really up to doing a lot of cleaning before all her kids and other family members come this week for Thanksgiving. So we went and helped her out. So needless to say, this week was full of service! And it was tons of fun! I have really enjoyed doing service since being out on my mission. I guess I never took the time to look around and see the service opportunities around me back home but service is for sure one thing that I will be better at when I get home. Not only can you help others but you can also feel good about serving others. I'm sure Mom and Dad will laugh at that since they tried to teach us to do service but I never got it apparently. But it's better late than never right?! :)
Sisters Wheatley and Fogavai and Rachel Hendertilo

Sisters' Hike
Then on Saturday the 17th, we went out at 10am (like every morning) and we went to visit another lady who missionaries had talked to a little bit in the past. When we got to Mary's house, she was not very happy to see us, she wasn't rude to us but she wasn't welcoming either... But we got talking to her for a few minutes and we were laughing and then she asked if we wanted something to drink. So she let us in and we ended up talking to her for an hour. We just asked her about her family and about her and then she asked us a couple questions about the church and we were able to answer them. She had some ideas about the church but we were able to help her see the truth of what she asked us. So that was nice to be able to talk to her and get to know her. You could tell that she really needed someone to talk to. So that was nice!

Sister Filimoehala and Sister Wheatley
Then that night, we had dinner at Bishop Whitworth's house. His daughter got married that day so we went to the reception. Now this next thing I say will sound kinda creepy but those who know me will laugh.... As we were driving to the house, all these cars were parked on the side of the road and I saw this Prius parked there with a Marathon man sticker on the bumper and I said, "Oh my gosh! That's the Tanner's car!" The Tanner's live in Chino Hills in my last ward so I saw this car all the time. I can remember cars really well... creepy I know haha So as we were walking up to the house, I looked in the window and there was the Tanner family! So when we got in there, I went into the kitchen where they were (the reception was moved inside because it was raining) and they looked over and saw me and so we got to talk for a few minutes, over the very LOUD music. Turns out that Brother Tanner is Sister Whitworth's youngest brother! So it was very fun to see them there! And the reception was nice also and the food was DELICIOUS!!!!

Sisters Wheatley and Carrell (second companion in Mission Field)
Then yesterday, Sunday the 18th, we had meetings at the church from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm. Such a long day at church AND I forgot to bring lunch :( But all our meetings were really good! We got a lot of information that will help us in our area. Plus, in sacrament meeting, they called a new Ward Mission Leader. We love Brother Butler but he is getting older and his health is not very good so he was released and they called Brother Ballard! Brother Ballard is a former Bishop and he is very missionary minded so we are excited to work with him. Good things are coming to this ward! We are looking forward to it!

Well, that's about all that happened this week. Hopefully this week will be good. Holidays are a little hard but we are going to work really hard! And hopefully we can have a few lessons this week and none will be cancelled.
Sisters' hike

Thanks for the letter from Janey Orton! And a very Happy Birthday to Lisa Wheatley tomorrow and a Happy Belated Birthday to Manouk, yesterday! Love you all!

Sister Wheatley and her trainer, Sister Davidson
Well... gotta run! Still have to do a couple shopping trips today before the day is over! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am very grateful to be a member of this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And I am also grateful to be here in California for 18 months to serve the people here and to help spread the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! What a better way to show my thankfulness than to share it daily!

Love you all so much! Hope everyone's Thanksgiving is filled with family, food, fun and football! haha :)

Sister Wheatley and her MTC Comp, Sister Lehman, and Rachel Hendertilo

Sister Wilcox and Sister Wheatley -- both from Provo High

Sisters in the back of a van on the way to sisters' hike

-Sister Rachel Wheatley

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