Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween All Around

Happy Halloween Week family and friends!!! You have no idea how much I have loved driving around looking at Halloween decorations as we are out and about doing missionary work. I just LOVE Halloween!!! I just wish that I could go trick-or-treating this year ;) But we are going to be locked up in the church on Halloween night. But I will write about that next week once it happens.
Ok... So let's see what happened this week. It felt like a very long week until Saturday and then this weekend just flew by! To start off... Monday the 22nd was transfers, as I mentioned last week. It was a good day! It was fun to go to the office and be with some of the other sisters for a couple hours before heading off to our separate areas. Then that night Sister Butler and I went out and visited a member who has been less active for a few years or so that she and Sister Thayne had been working with. When we got there, Lora Lee, she was not happy that Sister Thayne was transferred. I just laughed, not because she was mad but because she got so mad in front of me. But it's ok. I understand how people can connect to some people and it's hard when they get transferred. But it was all good by the time we left. And we just went around trying to see former investigators or potentials since it was Monday night, we can't go to members houses because of Family Night.
Then on Tuesday the 23rd we had a lesson with an investigator and her husband who has been inactive since he was a teenager, Jack and Lori. They are a super nice couple! Lori is very open and loves learning about the gospel. She loves marking her Book of Mormon and reading all the pamphlets that we give her each week. Jack has some things that are holding him back and it's hard for him to relearn everything because of things that happened when he was younger. But they both really want to learn and come to church and Lori wants to be baptized. And the coolest part about it is that Jack wants to baptize her! So as soon as Lori has all the lessons and they are ready (we prayed about a date in December and now they just have to accept it...) Jack will be able to baptize Lori! It's so exciting! They are a wonderful couple! The sad thing is that they haven't been to church in two weeks :( They've had last minute plans that have kept them from coming. They tried to go a couple weeks ago when they were out of town but didn't know if they should or where it was. But hopefully they can make it this next week! They said they'll be able to so we're praying and crossing our fingers!
Also that night, just a fun little detail... We went to dinner at the Lindstrom's home. Sister Lindstrom is Del Parson's sister! (For those of you who don't know who Del Parson is, he's an artist that does a lot of art work that the church uses. For example, the picture of Christ holding the lamb in his arms...) So it was really cool to go into their home and see all of his art work! Plus, Sister Lindstrom is also an artist and her art work was pretty good too! Just a little fun detail about Tuesday night :)
Then Wednesday and Thursday we did a lot of going to see members, less actives, and potential investigators. And on Friday the 26th, after weekly planning, we parked at the church and walked the rest of the day. We didn't have a dinner appointment so we worked right through dinner and then went home at 8 pm instead of 9 pm to eat. We had a lesson with Lora Lee on Friday and it was a very good lesson! We didn't really have much prepared but we knew that we needed to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End.) But when we got to Lora Lee's house, we ended up talking about Jesus Christ's Atonement. She said something in our "opening conversation" that went straight to the Atonement and we ended up having a really good and powerful lesson on it! It's amazing how Heavenly Father really helps us to know what to say in lessons. We had planned something totally different but because she needed to talk about the Atonement and how it will help her in her life, Heavenly Father, through the Spirit, really helped us to know what to say. It was amazing!
Then on Saturday the 27th, we had the ward Trunk-or-Treat! It was put on by our ward and the Glendora 2nd ward. The Elders in the G2 ward came and set up a booth with Mormon.org cards and other church things and candy. And Sister Butler and I got a story off of lds.org/friend and a cute little pumpkin maze and we handed those out with glow sticks. It was a very good and fun Trunk-or-Treat! And there were a lot of non-members there so it helped us to say hi to them and to get our names out there and stuff! It was really fun!
Then yesterday, Sunday the 28th, was the Primary Program! It was so amazing! I just love going to church when there is a Primary Program! The kids bring the Spirit so strong! And Sister Butler and Sister Thayne challenged the primary kids to pray about and invite their friends to come to and so many of them did! It was so cool to see so many of their friends there! We didn't get to talk to many but at least they were there and they were able to feel of the amazing Spirit that was there! And hopefully that will bring up questions to the members and then we can talk to them. I know that having the kids to ask their friends was inspired! It was just so cool to see so many people there!
Also, right before sacrament meeting started, this lady came walking up to me super fast and said, "I just had to come and meet you. I talked to Lori last night and she told me about you being in our ward! I'm so excited!" haha I got this big smile on my face because Sister Mautz in the Carbon Canyon ward is this ladies (Sister Goddard) daughter. When I found out I was coming to the Glendora 5th ward, some members told me they thought Sister Mautz's parents lived there and so yeah. I was very excited! I love Sister Mautz so I know that I will love Brother and Sister Goddard too! So that made me happy :)
Well, this is another not-so-fun email, but that's about all that happened this week. There is a lot of potential with part member families in this ward and I am looking forward to that! I know that this is where I'm supposed to be! Good things are going to happen!
And to end my email, I forgot to say happy birthdays last week so happy birthday to Aunt Heidi, Uncle Maury, Jennifer Kuznicki, Cedi, and Grandma Kuznicki all last week. And happy birthday today to Aunt Debbie! Love you all!
Love always, Sister Rachel Wheatley
Sisters Wheatley and Butler at Ward Trunk or Treat

View of Glendora and Los Angeles

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