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Sorry this letter is late. We went to the temple today so that's why we weren't able to email on Monday. But that's ok. It just means that our next Pday will come super soon!!! haha So last Monday, the 24th, was a very fun day! We all met up at the church and as a zone we ordered Tshirts! Sister Davidson designed them before they left and they are super legit! I was a little too excited to get one! But they are so cool! So we all changed and wore our shirts and we played Wilson Ball. It's kind of like Dodgeball but we only use one ball and it's a Wilson brand ball (hence the name "Wilson Ball" (Elder Lindsay took a while to get that one haha)) It was just so much fun! It was nice and relaxing too! Except for the fact that the Elders did not want to throw the ball at neither Sister Carrell or I. It was kinda lame but really funny!


Then on Tuesday the 25th Sister Carrell and I made the drive (10 minutes) out to Diamond Bar to my old place to pick up some things that I had accidently left there. I was really surprised when I got there and Mama J was back! She had been in the hospital the week before so I didn't expect her to be back. But it was a nice surprise and we were able to talk to her for a little bit! I have missed Mama J! So it was nice to talk to her again. She didn't look very good and that made me sad. But at least she is back home and hopefully getting better.

Zone T-shirts

Thursday the 27th, we went to visit a member in our ward who was baptized two years ago. While we were there I felt like bringing up being sealed as a family but before I could even mention it, she said something about it. We have talked about it before but hadn't been over to see her in a long time so I was glad she brought it up again.

Cute Rach
She and her husband were supposed to adopt a baby girl that they have been taking care of through foster care for about three months but now her grandfather wants to adopt her so that was sad for them. But we still talked about her husband and daughter and her being sealed. They are really looking forward to the day when that can happen. Sadly they just missed the temple prep classes from the ward but hopefully we can get them to start them up again for the Trenado's.

Then on Friday the 28th we had a church tour! Sister Navas in the ward has been talking to a lady whos son is part of our wards scout program and asked if she wanted a church tour and she accepted. And as they have become friends, May has told Sister Navas that she wants something (aka a church) for her son. So on the tour they asked a few questions that have been on their mind and it turned out really good!

The back of the Zone t-shirt
We have another lesson set up with them this Friday. But as we left, I felt that maybe we need to pass May and her son Eric off to the Chinese Elders because I think they would understand what is being taught better. So we have to pray about that still and ask them if that's ok. We have had to pass people off a couple different times which is sad but at least it is all for the same gospel, right?!

Ok, Saturday the 29th was SOOO good! We didn't have a lot happen during the day but we texted Sister Knecht in the ward that morning and told her that if she needed help we'd be around (they had a big Relief Society Broadcast dinner presentation that night.) So she text us later in the day and we went and helped her. Oh my goodness! This dinner and presentation was amazing!! Sister Knecht made all the food (plus about 200 Caramel Apples for as we were leaving) and they had different members decorate tables and Sister Knecht also put together this slide show presentation of Sisters in the stake with other Sisters in the stake. It was amazing! The Spirit was there all night so strong! Especially during the actual broadcast! I just loved it! It went by too fast! I thought we had only been there for 30 minutes when it was over. I just wish we could have had more and more speakers!

Then on Sunday the 30th, church was so good! It was the Primary Program, which is always fun! The kids are so stinkin cute! And it was so cool because there's a family in the ward that we live up the street from who's part member. We wanted to go by on Saturday night to invite Brother Kuhn to watch his daughter but weren't able to get over to see them. But when we walked in, there he was! So that was really cool to see him at church!

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Sabrina also came to church this week after not being able to come for two weeks. She was so happy to be there! It's been a little hard because she wants to get baptized so badly but won't be able to until she's 18 years old. So half way through Sacrament meeting, she leaned over to me and said, "Only one year and eight months until I can be baptized!" She is so cute! Then after Sacrament we went up to Cody, who is leaving for his mission next month, to talk to him. Cody joined the church about a year and a half ago and I just felt like Sabrina needed to talk to him. And it was cool because his mother was also there so she was able to talk to her (his mother has not been baptized). I wasn't really sure what to say to Cody but I just knew Sabrina needed to talk to him. So after a minute of awkwardness, haha, Sabrina asked him questions about why he joined the church, how he came to know it was true, and things like that. Cody's parents didn't want him to join til he was 18 years old but when he was 17 1/2, his mother told him she was ok if he really wanted to join, if he knew for sure that this is what he wanted. So Sabrina asked questions about that and it really helped her to have faith that it would be ok. She now knows that she just needs to keep doing what's right and it will all work out the way it's supposed to.
Caramel apples from Relief Society  Conference

Well, that's about all that happened last week. For some reason as I'm writing this I'm not feeling like it was written well but that's ok!

Not a whole ton happened but it was a good week! It was really enjoyable! The weather was even kinda nice (minus the weekend when it was in the 100s).

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! And I hope that it's not too hot for everyone back home. I'm just praying I can make it through the next couple weeks of total heat! haha I'm looking forward to when I can wear cute little jackets around. It's just too hot right now!

Yesterday was like 105 degrees and last Wednesday at one point it was 115 degrees! That's total craziness!

Crazy Elders
Oh, one last thing... The subject of this email "Chino Boss" is because I'm the oldest one here in the Chino Zone. Not age wise but time in this zone wise. It's now been 6 1/2 months! It's been a long time but I'm loving it here! Sister Carrell tells me I can't get too comfortable because that's when Heavenly Father is going to move me and I keep saying that I'm not anywhere close to comfortable haha We'll see what happens! I swear, transfers come too often (or too fast). We are already on our fourth week of a six week transfer. Time flies when you're having fun! But it's good!

Gotta run! Not really sure what we're doing today as a Zone but hopefully it will be fun!

Gorgeous girl (Her mom said that; not Rach ;)
But before I'm finished, a scripture! Something that I read this week in the Book of Mormon was Enos 1:1-17. It's when Enos is experiencing the power of the Atonement. It's something that I've been thinking about lately. We all experience the power of the Atonement at some points in our lives. I think it's amazing how we can feel such comfort because we know what our Savior Jesus Christ did for us. We never have to go through as much as He did. And whatever we do go through, we can be comforted knowing that He's already been through it all for us. We never have to be alone. And what a comfort that has been for me the last little while!

Love you all!

Sister Wheatley

Goofing around just before bedtime

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