Monday, August 12, 2013

Slow week...

This last week has been a very slow week. I have never had a week go so slow in my mission haha Is it because I'm anticipating this transfer to go fast so Heavenly Father is playing a trick on me?! Probably! But that's ok. I am still enjoying my mission :)

Hold a baby turtle...I was freaking out a little!
Last Monday  the 5th, as you know, was transfers. Everything went really well and I got settled in great. I am living in an apartment, I think it's in Temple City, with five other Sisters! Yes, there are seven total Sister missionaries in this apartment. It's kind of like a sorority house at times, but it's fun! We all get along great. There are three Spanish speaking Hermanas and then there is the four of us that all serve in  the Pasadena ward. The best part of it is that Sister Carrell lives in the apartment and so it's fun! She's been companions with all of us serving in the Pasadena ward now. I swear, I  have never not served around new people on my mission. People I served with in Chino came to Glendora and now I'm in Pasadena with Sister Carrell and we served in both Chino Hills and Glendora together. But I love it! We all have a great time together.
Like I said, this week was very slow and part of  the reason it was slow is because we had EVERY SINGLE ONE of our appointments fall through this week... What the heck?! But that didn't get us down. We still worked hard to find appointments. We didn't get a whole ton this week but that's ok. We know that there are some days and weeks in the mission field that that happens so everything is good! This coming week we are very hopeful for good things to happen.

Tuesday the 6th we went to visit this sweet older, less active man in the ward, Brother Brown. We talked to him a lot about trust in God and at one point we got to talking about if he has been to the temple yet. He said no and got really quiet and would no longer look at us in the eyes. It was sad because he told us that he didn't feel worthy to go to the temple. There have been things in his life that he has done, we don't know what they are, but because he's done them, he doesn't feel worthy. It was so sad to hear because that's what the Atonement is for. When we don't feel worthy, that's when can turn to Him and know that there is repentance and the opportunity to change and become better so that we can feel worthy. We should always turn to Him but that's what the Atonement is there for. I just did not like hearing that he didn't feel worthy. So we are going to be working with him and hopefully help him to feel worthy of going to the temple.
Me in front of the Rose Bowl
Wednesday the 7th was a not so successful day. We went through the area book and wrote down names of people to go see but didn't get the chance to see many of them. But that night was a miracle. We had just gotten out of dinner and we were on our way to the church for mutual when I looked over and saw a lady on the side of the road by her car. That's not a totally unusual thing but what was way crazy is that she was in an accident... but there was no other car around. She was on the phone so I was just going to keep going to the church but I felt a very strong prompting to go back and see if everything was ok. Long story short, she had been there for an HOUR!!! She hit a lady and after getting all the insurance info the other lady needed, she left. There was no call to the police. No sticking around to help this lady. Nothing! So we called the people we just had dinner with and we were able to use their AAA insurance/towing and help this lady out. Her boyfriend had driven all the way from South LA and got there after we did. We sat there with this lady, Trasy, as we waited for the towing company to come. I can't explain everything that happened but it was amazing to me that she had been there for an hour and not one car stopped to see if she was ok. I felt horrible and sick inside knowing that people are like that. It made me want to always help someone when they are in need. It was just sad! We had a very good conversation with Trasy and her boyfriend Ceaser and also talked a lot about their faith in God. It was just a very powerful conversation. We know that Heavenly Father sent us to her for a reason. I don't know what will happen in the future but what I do know is that we were supposed to be there. We got her contact information and we are going to send the Elders in LA out there to see her. I just hope that she will listen to the wonderful message that the Elders have to share because I know that it will bless hers and Ceaser's lives. Miracle that night!

Sister Carrell got this necklace from an investigator and it reminds us of Santa's beard!
The rest of the week was very slow. Not much happened. We spent a couple hours at the mission office on Thursday the 8th writing a letter to the city of Pasadena to get permission to do a finding activity at the metro station. That was fun! Hopefully we get permission because it will be a great way to meet people. Friday the 9th we met with a less active lady who is returning to activity and we talked a lot about trust in God and family relationships. It was super powerful! She is such a humble lady and she just wants to do what's right. She got a calling in the Primary and she is so excited for it! I know that will help her to become a strong member again!

Saturday the 10th we met with our investigators, Reggie and Jessica. We talked to Jessica mainly and asked where she and Reggie are with the gospel. There are things in there life holding them back from being baptized and we wanted to see how we could help them. She isn't sure though if they are ready to make that full commitment and life style change yet. It was so sad to hear because they are wonderful people! I wanted to cry knowing that we might have to drop them. I wish I could just shake people sometimes and  tell them what they are missing and have it come across in a loving way and in a way that they can't say no. Basically, I want to take peoples agency away sometimes! haha But really, it's sad when they know that this, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church restored to the earth and they don't choose to be baptized. We left them with a commitment to read Alma 32 and pray about it and we will be going back tomorrow to follow-up. I just hope and pray that while they are reading and praying, that they have a serious witness that they can not deny the truth! It's just sad when people choose to not follow Christ's commandments and His church.

Sunday the 11th was good... I will admit, it was hard to go to a new ward and not know anyone. I felt a little out of place. I haven't felt that way in forever but that's ok because I will get used to it. But all day the Spirit was so strong! Sacrament meeting was wonderful! Gospel Essentials class we talked about family relationships and in Relief Society we talked about faith and trust in God. It was interesting to see that everything we talked about this last week with members and investigators all led up to Sunday at church! It was amazing how God works.

Sister McGinty and I in front of the Rose Bowl
Well, that's about all that happened this week. Not a whole ton! But before I end this letter I just want to bear my testimony about how important member missionary work is. Throughout my mission I have asked members for names of people who need an uplifting message. It's sad to me to hear from members "All the people I know or associate with are members of the church, so no, we don't know anyone." It's sad to me because if you really take your time to look around you, that's not totally true. You go to stores, your kids go to school, you go to the gym, your neighbors! All of these places have non-members. I don't want to make this sound like I'm mad or anything but if you really think about it, you're not just associating with members only. One thing that I hope to take with me after my mission is to be that member missionary. I want to pray for those opportunities after my mission to share the gospel with some random person in line at the grocery store. If we really open our eyes, we will see that there are many of God's children around us who are not members of His church and we can share the gospel with them one way or another. I guess what I want to say to all those reading this letter is please, pray for opportunities to share the gospel with others. And not only that but pray that you will see those opportunities and that you will act on them when you come. I know  that they will come and that your life will be greatly blessed for them.

I love you all and am thankful for you! Thanks for the love and support that I truly feel each and everyday.

Love always,

Sister Wheatley

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