Monday, July 8, 2013

Well, there's not a whole ton that happened this week... It was a slow week for us in the Glendora 2nd ward. Sister Denney was telling me that this ward is super amazing and we have a lot of work but sadly this week didn't prove it. But that's ok because things started to look up at the end of the week.

We spent the day with Sister Staker on Monday and Tuesday before she went and picked up her "baby." Now I'm a grandma!! haha 

Well, we're teaching a young lady in the ward who has been coming to church for about three years. She's 18 years old but has the mind of an 8 year old. We talked to the Bishop and he said that he feels she's ready for baptism so we set a baptism date for July 27th! We are very excited! She's a cute girl who has a good understanding of the gospel and loves coming to church every week.

Sleepover at the Whitworth's
Thursday the 27th came around and we had a lesson with an investigator, Lone Wolf. We were going to teach him about Prophets and we watched On The Lord's Errand with him. He has a baptism date set for this Saturday and we were all excited going into this lesson. After we watched the movie, I was explaining why we need to have a Prophet in these Latter-days and he stopped me and said, "Are you trying to sale me a car?" What the heck?! That took me aback and caught me off guard and caught Sister Denney off guard too. We didn't know what to say. I was just trying to teach and testify and he tore us down! We walked out of the lesson all sorts of confused! So we are pushing his baptism date back.

And that night we went and helped out a family in the ward move to another house in the ward. They are a part member family and super nice. And then the next day, Friday the 28th we went back over to their house and helped unpack. It was very good because we really got to know Sister Crapo and it was just a very good time with her.

Sad that we couldn't be there when the BYU Soccer Team came to our home
Oh, one story real quick about Friday... So we are living at the Whitworth's from the 5th ward and their son plays on the BYU mens soccer team and they had a couple games here in CA this weekend. Well, the Whitworth's invited them all over for a pool party and they were on their way and the Whitworth's were running behind so we went out to help them. We started cutting chicken for the BBQ and all of a sudden the team walks in. We hurried as fast as we could and I turned around to wash my hands and they were outside getting ready to get in the pool. CRAP!!!! We needed to get out of there! So we hurried and washed our hands, ran to get something from the fridge for lunch and came back in when the door to our room was not only shut but it was locked! What?! Then we walk back out to the garage and stay there for a minute. We hear the door to our room open up so we went back inside. We walked in our room and I saw the light on in the bathroom so we hurried and ran back out to the garage and stayed there for a minute. OH MY GOSH!!! The soccers guys were in our room changing! Not cool because it was weekly planning on Friday and so we had a ton of crap on our beds so it looked like a mess. But the horrible part was just the fact that they were in our room changing... It was not a good thing. We hurried and grabbed our stuff faster than you've ever before seen and left for the rest of the day. It has ended up being funny but at the time I was just frantically running around trying to avoid the soccer team... We should have left earlier but we felt bad that the Whitworth's were so far behind getting ready.

A Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Splurge (Sisters Denney and Wheatley)
Well, I have to hurry (I've been on way too long emailing today) but I have to tell you of the miracle on Saturday the 29th. We got this referral from the Crapo's to go see a neighbor of theirs and Saturday we had a little extra time before dinner so we decided to stop by real quick. We didn't really think anything would happen (bad of us to think that...) and so we went. We knocked on the door but all we heard was yelling... Um... Is everything ok? We knocked again and waited for a minute and the door opened... Turns out he was watching the horse races because he used to be a horse jocky!!!! WHAT?!?! He told us that and I got so excited! At one point he even turned to his TV and said, "You see number 6? That's my brother." Ok, who just says that about a jocky?! I just thought that was so cool!!!! So we talked to him for a minute and told him the Crapo's and Moran's wanted us to come see him and talk to him about our church. We sat down with him and his girlfriend (who doesn't speak English...) and started telling him a little about the church. He told us he believes there  is only one God and he's not super religious but goes to church every-so-often. He then asked us what time our church starts and we told him 12:30 and he said, "Ok, we'll see you there tomorrow." WHAT?!?! Is this really happening?? This is one of those Ensign missionary moments that you dream about but it never happens to you. So we walked out of there kind of in a daze. We couldn't believe what just happened. MIRACLE!!!! We couldn't help but thank our Father in Heaven for the miracle that happened. And the coolest thing about it happened on Sunday the 30th...

Sisters Staker, Denney, Rachel from the YSA Ward and Sister Wheatley
We got to church and after long meetings and seeing everyone from the 5th ward that I love and miss dearly, we had a quick church tour with Felipe and his family. We couldn't believe that they were there. And his two daughters were super quiet the whole time and didn't complain. It was a little hard for Felipe because he had a horse accident and now has screws in his back and that's why he had to stop being a jocky. But he stayed the whole sacrament meeting and after he said how much he enjoyed it and he wanted to come next week and stay for longer. We walked out of the church with him and he asked for a Book of Mormon and a Bible so we ran and got one and he said, "I'm excited to read these." They walked away and Sister Denney and I were in awe. We still couldn't believe what was happening. We are meeting with him this week again and are so excited! We were talking about it last night and we really feel like he can be baptized in August. It's just an amazing miracle! I can't believe it but I'm so beyond thankful for it!

Sister Denney and Sister Wheatley
And also yesterday at church, during the 3rd hour because it was the 5th Sunday, we had a combined Relief Society/Priesthood/YM/YW meeting. It was all focused on missionary work and how we as missionaries can't do it alone. We really need the help of the members. There's a quote by President Hinckley in our Preach My Gospel that says that tracting is not effective and that we need the members help. And it's true. I've seen the difference of when we get members help and when we don't. We can't do this alone! We need your help! So wherever you live, help the missionaries! This work is really hastening and it's hastening fast but we can't spend 10 hours a day knocking because we'll be done knocking every door within a week. So that's not very effective. Please help the missionaries!

And yeah, that's about all that happened this week. It was just a very not-so-good week but by the end of the week, it was amazing!!! Good things are happening in this ward and I'm so excited to be apart of it!

I love you all and am so thankful for the love and prayers that I feel are coming my way.

Love always,

Sister Rachel Wheatley

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