Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mom for a week

This week I was "Miss Mom." My parents were out of town and they took my brother Daniel with them so it was just my youngest brother Sam and I. We had some fun! We didn't do a whole ton cause after being at work and school all day, it was nice just to have time to relax.

We started off on Saturday afternoon going to see Jonah and the Great Fish (starring David Osmond) with my best friend Sarah Garver at the LDS Film Festival. Sam and I had seen the stage version last year but wanted to go back and see what LIKEN had done to make it a film. And it was very good! I'm very impressed. There are things that they need to fix but they are working on those and it's going to end up being a good film, with of course, the message of listening to what our Father in Heaven asks us to do.

Then on Monday we went grocery shopping and then went home and ate dinner and watched Diary of a Whimpey Kid. It was a cute movie but Sam enjoyed it a ton! He loves the books that the movie is based on. It was a good night.

Tuesday Sam was up at Lehi High School with the Provo High basketball team. Sam is the sophomore manager and loves it! So while Sam was gone, Celeste came over and we watched Camp Rock 2!

On Wednesday I had my first "real mom" experience. Sam's elbow had been hurting him for about a week and before my parents left, mom told me she wanted me to take Sam to the after hours clinic if it got worse. So after work I picked him up and went to get his elbow checked. I was a little nervous about going because I'd never been to a doctors office by myself cause I don't have to go very often myself so going to take my brother was a little scary for me. I just hoped that it would all go ok. We took an X-ray and they found it to be either a fracture or a growth plate. So they gave him a sling to wear until they could have their radiologist look at the X-ray on Thursday. It turns out that it was nothing at all but mom wanted him to keep wearing the sling to make it heal a little faster but Sam has had a hard time wearing it, so I don't think it has helped him that much.

Then on Thursday night after making Pasta Stir-Fry, we met up with my friends Renata and Brieann to help put up flyers around town for the Truman concert at Velour on the 11th. After about an hour, we went to Sammy Cafe to wait for Chad Truman and while there we bought some of Sammy's delicious food! It was very cold outside so while Renata and Brieann had Sammy's famous shakes, Sam and I had Sweet Potato Fries and Hot Chocolate! It was getting late though and Sam had school so we left. It was a good night!

On Friday I was left alone again while Sam was in Orem at Mountain View for the PHS basketball game.

Saturday seemed to be a very busy day but not much was done. I had lots of laundry to do, I had to go to work for a couple hours, and then I sat at SuperSonic car wash for two hours while they detailed my dads truck as part of my moms Valentines present to him. Then that night we met up with lots of family at Chuck-a-rama. My grandma Wheatley's sister and her husband were down here from Washington state and they wanted to take us out to dinner. So although I didn't know most of the family, we went and had a good time with some of my Wheatley cousins, aunt, uncles, and my dads cousin and her daughter. It was tons of fun and I'm glad we ended up going. And lots of thanks to Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ray for buying us all dinner!

Then to end off the week we went to church today and we are now enjoying Super Bowl XLV! (GO PACKERS!!!)

It's been an enjoyable week with Sam and a great "mother" experience for me.